Meet the Cloffice: The Pretty and Practical Work From Home Setup

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No matter how little space you have, these chic cloffice ideas will certainly improve your creativity and productivity.

As we continue to work from home this 2021 (yes, ten months and counting), it’s surprisingly getting difficult to stay productive and creative at home, especially if you’re still working at the kitchen table, living room couch, or from your bed! One of the 2021 interior trends is having a designated space to work comfortably and truly be productive. So it’s no surprise that “cloffice” is making a comeback this year.

You might have already heard about cloffice (closet + office). It became pretty popular among lifestyle and fashion bloggers who need to have a proper office space and a space to stash their collections of clothing, handbags, shoes, etc. A popular example of cloffice is from A Lo Profile, wherein she transformed an entire bedroom space into a chic and envy-inducing cloffice.

We know, we all wish that we have an entire room to use as our workspace, but don’t worry if you only have literally a closet space because the cloffice trend this 2021 is the strategic use of a small closet turned into a mini and chic workspace.


How to Design a Cloffice

The cloffice trend this 2021 will focus on maximizing a small closet space into a pretty and functional workspace. To start designing a cloffice, you’ll need a desk or table that will perfectly fit the closet space. It should be sturdy enough to place your computer and big enough to spread out paperwork. Some people tend to customize or DIY their cloffice desk, like Rya Photos cloffice, wherein she used sanded plywood as a floating table.


However, if you already have a desk or table at home, check if you can push it into the closet against the back wall. Lucky you if you have a walk-in closet space that you can use because you just have to position the desk along a wall, in the center of the space, or somewhere you think you’ll be comfortable working.


Next is to add comfortable seating. Your office chair should allow the closet doors to close, so consider choosing a chair that fits completely inside the closet, such as a rolling swivel chair or an old dining chair. A stool can also be an ideal office chair, especially if your closet space is really limited or tight.

Storage Solutions

Add different types of storage into the space to keep it neat and organized, such as boxes or baskets. Use all available wall space to install floating shelves above the desk area. You can also add desk organizers or a set of drawers to store office items.

Decorating Ideas

Of course, the fun part of building a cloffice is decorating the space with things that you love and will inspire you to work better. You can either stick to a neutral palette, like Rya Photos cloffice, or paint the walls with a bold color. You can also cover the walls with a fun wallpaper or create a mini gallery wall of photos that will motivate you.


Lastly, good lighting is important to create a productive workspace. Consider installing light fixtures that’ll brighten up the space. You can also opt for table lamps or wall-mounted sconces you can plugin if your closet has an electrical outlet.

We know that it’s challenging to build a beautiful and functional workspace in limited square footage, but don’t let it hinder you and your creativity from creating a home office that’ll help and inspire you to work better this year. Kickstart the year by creating your workspace with these cloffice ideas, and if you need more inspo, head over to our Instagram and Pinterest pages!

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