6 Home Office Mistakes You Are Probably Doing and How to Fix Them

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If you work from home, you’re probably doing it wrong. Here are the common home office mistakes designers often see and how to fix them.

So, you’re successful in designing an Instagram-worthy home office, and you just can’t wait to spend all day there. #Congrats However, anyone who has been working from home knows that a pretty home office isn’t everything. Yes, it’s true even though you’ve created a chic and functional home office space, you’re still probably committing these home office mistakes like you have a distracting decor on your desk, or the furniture is a bit uncomfortable.

If you’re having a difficult time to be productive and to finish all of your tasks because it seems like the environment feels generally out of balance, then read on because we have solutions that will instantly transform your home workspace. A little warning: getting rid of these home office mistakes might leave your workspace looking less photogenic, but it will create a space overflowing with creative energy.

The Mistake: You Don’t Have a Dedicated Home Workspace

One of the common home office mistakes is not having a dedicated workspace at home. Or maybe your home workspace is too close to your bedroom, or worst you work from your bed. Yikes! As I have mentioned before, if possible, avoid using your bedroom as your workspace since sleep experts recommend that you need to draw clear lines between your workspace and your sleep space, especially for people with sleeping problems.

The Quick Fix: If you really don’t have enough space in your kitchen or living room, then set up a room divider. This will create a sense of separation, and it will look like you have a designated workspace.

The Mistake: Your Desk Isn’t Big Enough

While it’s true that the size of your desk should be appropriate with the size of your home workspace, it should also be big enough to hold your laptop, your notebook, and anything else you need to access with ease. If you’re dealing with space constraints, we have the perfect solution for that. However, if you have a spacious home workspace, then it’s best to invest in a bigger desk. For example, dining room tables are perfect as home office tables.

The Quick Fix: Having a tiny work desk can be a bit problematic, especially if you need to put a lot of things on your desk. Be creative and consider getting an office desk that has a lot of storage space underneath.

  1. Axess Computer Desk with Hutch | 2. Quincy Desk | 3. Paulo Wood Writing Desk with Drawers | 4. Cory Folding Desk | 5. Parsons Desk | 6. Distressed Brown And Black Wood Secretary Desk

The Mistake: Your Desk Isn’t Comfortable to Work On

Most people design a home office that will gain hundreds of likes on Instagram, even if it’s gritty and incredibly uncomfortable to work on. This is also one of the common home office mistakes designers often see. Although it’s great to have a stylish home office desk, people are so scared to use it because they’re afraid of scratching it up.

The Quick Fix: Invest in a desk you actually like working on. It’s pretty important to buy a home office desk that’s both comfortable and functional. A desk that you wouldn’t have to worry whenever you move your things around.

The Mistake: Too Much Clutter on the Desk

According to Bobby Berk, one of the common home office mistakes people always commit is having a messy desk. Sometimes you get too excited buying decor accents for your home office that you realized you bought too much cute decor like candles, plants, and stylish desk supplies. Of course, it would definitely look great in photos, but they may not feel that great to work around. Plus, it will be one of the main reasons why you’re distracted at work because you’d rather take photos of your home office than actually work on it.

The Quick Fix: A messy desk means a messy mind. Keep only the items that you need and get rid of the items that are getting in the way for you to be productive.

  1. Copper Scoop Metal/Wire Basket – Set of 6 | 2. Acrylic Desk Organizer | 3. Wood Desktop Storage Unit White | 4. Henrietta Stash Box | 5. Clint Storage Box and Pencil Cup Organizer | 6. Gold 4 Cup Kiara Desk Organizer With Tray

The Mistake: You’re Using the Wrong Chair

Next on our common home office mistakes is using the wrong chair. Similar to your work desk, your home office chair should be comfortable enough to spend all day in, but not so cozy that you can’t get any work done. It doesn’t have to look like an office chair, but it should have the right height and shape.

The Quick Fix: It’s recommended to use ergonomic chairs that can fully support your back and neck. Plus, there are also stylish chairs that are both comfortable and functional.

  1. Clay Mesh Task Chair | 2. Elowen Swivel Desk Chair | 3. Low Back Armless Designer Swivel Task Chair | 4. Lombardi Adjustable Desk Chair | 5. Halverson Ergonomic Task Chair | 6. Round Wood And Metal Adjustable Stool

The Mistake: Your Home Office Space Isn’t Well-Lit

Lastly, on our common home office mistakes is having dull lighting. The best lighting, and it’s really pretty obvious, is natural lighting. So if possible, build your home workspace close to a window that gets plenty of natural light. However, what if your home workspace is in a tiny corner? What should you do?

The Quick Fix: Invest in a few lamps or wall sconces to brighten up your office space. If you can find a USB lamp, then that’s better, considering it will eliminate extra clutter.

  1. Keystone 19″ Desk Lamp | 2. Blossom Task Lamp | 3. Organizer Task Lamp | 4. Willow USB Desk Lamp | 5. Copenhaver 18″ Desk Lamp | 6. Rust Metal Adjustable Pharmacy Table Lamp

That’s a wrap for our common home office mistakes and how to fix them. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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