7 Best Home Office Chairs for 2020: From Casual to Ergonomic

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Discover our top picks for the best 2020 home office chairs to find out which ones really have your back.

Nowadays, most people (including you and me) are sitting down more than ever. As a result, you always find yourself tired and achy after a long day of work in your home office, and some would solve it by making another cup of coffee for the nth time. So, let me stop you right there before you you start to see sounds. To improve the way you feel while working from home, you need an ergonomic and comfortable chair that could totally support your back.

If you’re looking for the best home office chair ’cause you can’t wait to replace your crappy and old chair, or simply you’re designing your home office, then you’re in the right place ’cause we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up the best office chairs according to your budget and needs.

But first, what are the things you need to look for in a home office chair? OK, there are key features to look out for when researching or shopping for a home office chair, and number one would be to look for a chair that’s going to last. It would cost you a higher price, but it’s going to be a good investment because you don’t have to purchase and spend every year just because you kept buying a tacky home office chair.

Second would be to look for a home office chair that is comfortable and with good support. Plus, the style of your chair should blend with the interior style of your home office. Throughout this guide, you’ll find the best office chairs.


Best Budget-Friendly Home Office Chair: Habitat Ginnie Office Chair

If you’re shopping for a stylish home office chair with great quality but on a budget, then Habitat’s Ginnie Office Chair is perfect for you. It’s pretty cheap because it only costs $95.00. Plus, it’s comfy because of its padded seat and molded back. Also, it fits perfectly for people with small home office space.


  • Best for value
  • Material: Plastic frame, PU leather seat pad, chrome metal base
  • Color: White, grey, orange and yellow
  • Dimensions: H86-96cm x W53.5cm x D48.5cm

Reasons to buy

  • It’s a great combination of style and practicality.
  • Perfect for small home office spaces.

Reasons to avoid: None

Where to buy: Argos


Best IKEA Home Office Chair: Markus Swivel Chair

We all buy furniture at IKEA, and if it’s the best IKEA home office chair you are looking for, then Markus Swivel Chair is the one for you. It’s an ergonomic office chair that costs $229.00. We know that it’s a bit pricey compared to Habitat’s Ginnie Office Chair, but it has a high-quality, and it comes with a 10-year guarantee. Plus, it has lower back support in the form of the built-in cushion, and its mesh back is perfect for allowing air to flow through the chair.


  • Best for stability
  • Material: Polyethylene plastic, steel, epoxy/polyester powder coating, molded eucalyptus plywood
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: H129-140 x W62 x D60cm

Reasons to buy

  • Very good value 
  • Breathable design
  • Good lumbar support 

Reasons to avoid

  • You need to use a lever to adjust this IKEA home office chair
  • Nonadjustable built-in cushion for lower back support

Where to buy: IKEA


Best Home Office Chair for Looks: Made.com Saul Office Chair

If you’re shopping for a chic home office chair, then we suggest Made.com’s Saul Office Chair for $290.00. It’s a perfect combination of style and functionality. It’s a beautiful home office chair with its sculptural arms and deep walnut finish. Plus, it’s durable since it’s made from strong, flexible plywood.


  • Best for style
  • Material: Walnut Veneer, Plywood, Composite / Mixed Fabric
  • Color: Walnut and black
  • Dimensions: H110 x W70 x D64cm

Reasons to buy: Chic design 

Reasons to avoid: Nonadjustable

Where to buy: Made.com


Best Home Office Chair for Neck Support: Humanscale Freedom Office Chair With Headrest

Humanscale’s Freedom Office Chair With Headrest is best for neck support. Plus, it’s really comfortable because the cushioned seats are designed to copy the body’s contours and reduce the pressure point. Also, the chair automatically adjusts to the shape of your spine as you move.


Best for support
Dimensions: H109-135 x W69 x D63.5cm
Material: Leather
Color: Black or brown

Reasons to buy

  • Automatically adjust to the movement of your back
  • Weight sensitive recline
  • Greta head, neck and back support

Reasons to avoid: Kinda heavy for some to recline

Where to buy: Humanscale


Best Home Office Chair for Price and Comfort: Brixham Faux Leather Desk Chair

If you’re looking for an affordable and comfy office chair, then we recommend Brixham’s Faux Leather Desk Chair. It’s the best office chair for support since it has an adjustable backrest, and it only costs $80.00. Plus, it has a great design too. It’s sleek and simple. Also, the faux leather doesn’t look cheap at all, and it’s perfect for small home office spaces.


  • Best for small home office spaces
  • Dimensions: H42-52 x W59 x D45cm
  • Material: Faux leather
  • Color: Black or grey

Reasons to buy

  • Affordable
  • Best for small spaces
  • Adjustable
  • Modern design

Reasons to avoid: Self-assembly

Where to buy: Argos

Best Home Office Chair: Herman Miller New Aeron Office Chair

Ah, Herman Miller. It’s definitely not cheap since it costs almost $1,400, but it’s guaranteed the best home office chair. It’s perfect for people with back pain because it has unbeatable ergonomics for back pain sufferers. This home office chair is adjustable from its arm height, seat height, recline, and seat tilt. It moves with the user naturally, and it has great lumbar support. Sounds awesome, right? Plus, it’s a comfortable home office chair because it allows air and body heat to pass through the chair. Lastly, it comes in three different sizes to provide a perfect sit.


  • Best for ergonomics
  • Material: Plastic, aluminum, steel, foam, epoxy glass, pellicle fabric
  • Color: Graphite
  • Dimensions: H110 x W66 x D67cm

Reasons to buy

  • Adjustable
  • Best ergonomics home office chair for back pain sufferers
  • Really comfortable office chair
  • 12-year guarantee 

Reasons to avoid: Expensive

Where to buy: Herman Miller Store

Best Supportive Home Office Chair for Small Spaces: Herman Miller Setu Multi Purpose Chair

Perfect home office chair for support and small spaces. The Herman Miller Setu Multi-Purpose Chair costs $675.00, but it has superb quality. It’s designed so that your spine is always aligned no matter what your position in the chair. Plus, it adapts as you move, and it’s easy to move it around your small home office area.


  • Best for support
  • Material: Polypropylene spine, aluminum, and plastic with elastomeric fabric seat
  • Color: Blue or Alpine
  • Dimensions: H94.5 x W64 x D44cm

Reasons to buy

  • Reasonable price for the quality
  • Lightweight design
  • Perfect for small home office spaces

Reasons to avoid: No lumbar support

Where to buy: Herman Miller Store

That’s a wrap for the best home office chair for 2020. We hope that you’ll find the perfect home office chair for you. Learn more interior design trends and tips at Omysa’s blog.

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