7 Desk Organization Ideas to Tidy Up Your Workspace

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Banish clutter in style and create a Pinterest-worthy workspace with these easy desk organization ideas!

We’re all aware that the future of working from home looks iffy and chaotic, but your office desk shouldn’t be. Whether you’re still working from home or you’ve finally returned to working at the office again, we all want to achieve the same goal: an organized and stylish desk that will help us be more productive. Sure, you could Marie Kondo your workspace, but if you’re looking for easier ways to create a clutter-free work area, try these desk organization ideas.

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Add a Pegboard

Adding a pegboard is one of the easiest and stylish ways to organize your office supplies and to create more space on your desk. You can hang small baskets, install shelves, and even mix in office décor to make it visually pleasing.

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Add Baskets and Clear Containers

Baskets and clear containers are your lifesavers when it comes to clearing clutter in your desk space. Organize files and office supplies with wire baskets and glass containers. Don’t forget to create labels!

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DIY Wall Calendar

A DIY office calendar is one of the desk organization ideas that you can do over the weekend. Aside from it could help you meet deadlines and cross off tasks on your to-do list, it could also make your workspace look more stylish.

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Install a Floating Shelf

Maximize your wall space by installing floating shelves. This is a perfect idea if you have a small workspace. Install floating shelves and store your office supplies, files, and other office must-haves.

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Opt for Desk and Drawer Organizers

Keep your workspace tidy and in tiptop shape with desk and drawer organizers for your papers, documents, and office supplies.

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Try Wire Board

Similar to a pegboard, a wire board is a great way to organize important office notes and reminders, photos, and a to-do list.

Use a Rolling Cart

If you love to work at different spots in your home, a rolling cart is perfect for you! It could keep your office supplies organized, and you can bring them to any room of your home.

Make your workspace clutter-free with these easy and stylish desk organization ideas! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Stay organized!

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