7 Biggest Home Office Décor Trends in 2021

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There are plenty of reasons to look forward to 2021, especially when it comes to redecorating your home office. So if you are still thinking about designing an aesthetically pleasing and productive space, you need to check out these home office décor trends in 2021.

Yes, the work from home trend isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, interior design experts are suggesting that redecorating your home office should be part of your 2021 resolutions since designing an aesthetically pleasing home office, no matter what size or style, is crucial as it can increase your productivity and motivate you to work better.

To help you transform your dull workspace into a chic and functional space, interior design experts are sharing the home office décor trends in 2021 you need to know. Trust us, it will make your environment overflowing with creative energy.

Comfy Seat

According to Kevin Dumais, founder and principal of Dumais, your home office desk should be paired with a chair you’d sit in at your dining room table because it will help your home office feel a little bit more relaxed. Plus, your home office chair provides extra seating when you have guests over for dinner.

A perfect example would be this modest and small chair that’s an excellent choice for anyone who lives in a teeny, tiny apartment.

Fabulous Gallery Wall

Habiba Koroma, principal of Biba K. Design, shared in an interview with MyDomaine that one of the home office décor trends in 2021 will be designing walls that make you wow. She added that home office areas will be much more intentionally planned and considered. “Think dedicated Zoom call backdrops, like a fabulous gallery wall or a super styled bookcase. It’s more important than ever for our homes to reflect our style, values, and anything that brings us joy.”

Create a gallery wall in your home office with anything that tells a story, has sentimental value to you, or that you picked up on your travels, just like this bohemian workspace by Old Brand New.

Focus on Nature and Neutral Materiality

Apart from designing an aesthetically pleasing home office, it should also be a cozy and balanced space. Osin Oshinowo, Architect, Designer, Creative Entrepreneur, Founder Ile-Ila, and Director CM Design Atelier, said that in 2021, home office will be established as a staple in the modern home. He added that designers will create spaces that focus on nature and neutral materiality, such as a combination of aquas, greens, and greys with light walnut.

You can also focus on a minimalist color palette. Decorate your home office with simple furniture and keep your home office desk clutter-free. To make the space look cozy, add a macramé wall hanging or a home office plant.

Let There Be Light

Robin Baron, principal of Robin Baron Design, said in an interview with MyDomaine that one of the home office décor trends in 2021 has to include specific attention to the need for video conferencing since almost all of us are communicating through Zoom. “The two most important features to pay attention to include your lighting and your background. Light your home office to look your best on a Zoom call. That means multidirectional lighting to avoid shadows, so you can always be camera-ready.

A great example would be this rattan chandelier because it adds texture to this classic home office space.

Peaceful Space

More and more people are now working from home, so it’s important to create a quiet and peaceful workspace. Alessandra Wood, interior design expert and vice president of style at Modsy, suggested investing in double or triple-pane windows or other soundproofing techniques, such as acoustic panels or carpeting.

Playful and Vibrant Palette

Use energizing home office colors that will bring cheer and more joy into your home office. Heather Goerzen, creative and design at Havenly, predicts that one of the home office décor trends in 2021 will be colorful home office accents, from bold rugs to statement chairs.

You can also paint your walls with jewel tones and decorate it with plenty of artwork and prints throughout.

Work-Life Harmony

Lastly, on our home office décor trends in 2021 will be to prioritize self-care. Janelle Hughes and Kim R. Williams, co-owners of KJ Design & Mortar Styling, shared in an interview with MyDomaine that more people are seeking spaces that help them blend play, pray, and work. She also added, “The home office will continue to evolve, but we see clients continuing to value design elements that maximize self-care while helping them maintain productivity.”

The home office décor trends in 2021 focus on designing a workspace that feels energizing, looks stylish and promotes productivity. It’s almost as energizing and good as that extra cup of coffee. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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