We Found Your New Weekend Project—4 DIY Calendar Ideas to Keep You Organized

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Create an eye-catching wall calendar for your home office with these chic and super easy DIY calendar ideas!

No matter how organized you are, you can still forget an appointment, birthday, or holiday because of your busy schedule and tons of work. So what’s the practical and perfect solution to keep you organized? DIY home office calendars! Yes, these DIY calendar ideas are the most aesthetic way to keep track of your schedule and important dates.

DIY Acrylic Wall Calendar

One of the easiest DIY calendar ideas is this acrylic wall calendar from A Beautiful Mess. You simply need to place an order online of your favorite color, add gridlines, and customize until you are happy with the design.


DIY Chalkboard Calendar

The chalkboard calendar is one of the most common DIY calendar ideas where you and your kids can enjoy making over the weekend. All you need is a chalkboard, ruler, and colorful chalks to design the calendar!

DIY Clear Board Calendar

If you want a clean and sophisticated calendar for your home office, why not try a DIY clear board calendar? Blogger Kryz Uy proved that keeping track of your schedule can be stylish. Plus, isn’t it nice to look at this DIY clear board calendar and finish off all your appointment for the day?


DIY Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar

If you are a bit more on the creative side with lots of time to spare, we suggest this DIY magnetic wall calendar. We think it’s one of the DIY calendar ideas that you will enjoy doing since you will be sticking self-sticking whiteboard sheets and designing your own sets of magnets, such as birthdays, holidays, or even chores that need to be done.

Brighten your home office with these DIY calendar ideas! It saves you from ripping calendar paper off every month, too. Now isn’t that clever?

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