7 Home Office Feng Shui Tips for Maximum Productivity

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Want better 9-to-5 vibes? Implement these home office feng shui tips for a positive workspace and get the productivity boost you need!

Working at your couch, kitchen counter, or bed won’t help you be productive at work. In fact, not having a proper workspace is one of the major challenges of working at home. Additionally, applying feng shui in your home office helps create a positive and more productive workspace. Feng shui expert Ashley Cantley shares with Real Simple that feng shui can increase business by drawing in more clients, creating happier employees, and generating more wealth. Plus, you have complete control over how to design your workspace.

So are you ready to kick-start your workspace? Implement these home office feng shui tips for a successful and better life.

Focus on Function

One of the home office feng shui tips you need to take into consideration is the function of the space. Furnish your workspace with the furniture that is needed. It’s best to invest in an ergonomic chair, especially if you work for long hours every day. Avoid sharing your workspace with other people or with your kids because this can cause a clutter of distraction. Not to mention, limited storage space and unhealthy boundaries between work and your personal life.

Keep It Organized

Speaking of storage, it’s best to limit the visual clutter to increase productivity. Add storage containers for your hard copies, file cabinets, and closets. If you love collecting books, opt for a low-sitting bookshelf. Keep what you need in your home office space, and stash away what you don’t need in your storage room, or you can sell or donate the items.

Let the Light in

One of the home office feng shui tips that will definitely bring good energy in is to make sure you have good air circulation and allow the natural light in your workspace. Open up the windows when the weather’s good. You can also add an air purifier or humidifier in the space.

Nurture Your Goals Visually

Create a work environment that will highlight you personally and professionally. Add items or decor that will attract your dreams and goals, such as a vintage map or globe to attract clients around the world. Feng shui expert Laura Cerrano shares with MyDomaine that you should define what you want to attract and visually display those goals in your space because it can impact your overall motivation and subsequent success.

Pay Attention to Colors and Materials

One of the recommended home office feng shui tips is to use a rectangular wooden desk since the material brings natural energy into the space. Plus, it cultivates a nourishing and high quality of energy. The color of your home office space depends on your line of work. For example, if your job requires writing or computation, then shades of blue, beige, or green will be suitable for your workspace. If your line of job requires creativity, add touches of colors like red, yellow, and orange.

Position Your Desk in the Best Commanding Position

Consider the best place to position your desk. According to feng shui principles, it’s best to position your desk where there is a solid wall behind you, as well as pots of plants for support. Positioning your desk in a commanding position allows you to energetically and literally see the opportunities approaching you. Avoid placing your desk under ceiling beams, fans, or protruding walls because it has negative effects on your body and productivity, such as feeling tired and difficulty focusing.

Set Your Intention

Lastly, think of the function of your home office. Then select furniture that will contribute to the function of your workspace and eliminate any unnecessary clutter.

Make your space an inspiring and productive place by implementing these home office feng shui tips. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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