10 Gorgeous Home Office Paint Colors for the Hustle

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Create a more peaceful and productive workspace with these gorgeous home office paint colors. You will be excited to get to work.

Let’s all be honest, there are some days that it can be hard to find the motivation to get to work, especially during this pandemic. More and more people are now working from home, and if you have been working from home even before the pandemic, you should know that designing a stylish home office is crucial as it can boost your productivity and inspire you to work better.

One of the keys to creating a more productive workspace is to choose the best paint color for your home office because some paint colors are known to have positive psychological effects. It may seem strange, but it is true. For example, a tiny pastel blue home office can evoke a feeling of calmness and increase concentration. For this reason, it’s important to select a paint color for your home office that will make you roll up your sleeves and complete your to-do list. Plus, a simple paint job can easily transform the look of your workspace, and it’s budget-friendly, too!

So, if you’re having a difficult time to work from home efficiently because it seems like the environment feels dull, or you simply want to create a stylish workspace, check out these gorgeous home office paint colors that will help you create your ideal workspace.


Because why not? OK, we are aware that painting your home office black might make the space look dark and heavy. However, it all depends on your home office’s location and style. For me, a black home office looks sexy and sophisticated, especially if you furnish it with black furniture with brass accents and lots of natural light and home office plants. Plus, the color black is believed to increase efficiency.


Next on our list of home office paint colors is for those who are feeling stressed about work. Every. Single. Day. Try painting your workspace blue. Research shows that this color creates a feeling of calmness or serenity. It also stimulates the mind, leading to an increase in concentration and productivity. Go for a blue & gold home office style for a chic and cool space.


Before you jump to the conclusion that brown walls are boring, check this brown home office photo by Farrow & Ball. Yes, the paint color has a serious tone on it, but the space looks earthy and warm. The kind of workspace that you need if you live in the middle of the city. You can pick a lighter shade of brown for a friendlier vibe.


Adding to our list of home office paint colors is one of the most popular home paint colors because it gives off a neutral mood. Yes, you got that right. Gray. If you thought gray walls are out, then it’s time to think again. The color gray seems emotionless, but it actually creates a sense of calm and composure, which is helpful when things get crazy and hectic at work. Try painting your workspace Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray. It’s very subtle, but it can make your home office look elegant.


A rich, dark, velvety green will perfectly suit your home office. The color green represents good luck and tranquility. It also encourages a balance in your brain that leads to decisiveness, it gives off an earthy vibe, and it improves reading ability.



Next on our list of home office paint colors is orange. However, painting all four walls orange maybe a little too much, so we suggest that you create an orange accent wall. You can go for Baja Orange by Ralph Lauren Paints for a cool shade of orange or opt for Orange Hermès for a dynamic, joyful, and warm workspace.



I guess one of the most positive home office paint colors is pink. Aside from the fact that it gives feelings of comfort and warmth. It also reassures your emotional energies and helps you focus. Choose a subtle shade of pink for an inspiring home office atmosphere.


We can’t deny the fact that red is a powerful color. It gives the space energy and warmth. It also creates excitement and a sense of urgency. You can expect that you’re always awake and alert while working because of this paint color.



If yellow was a person, it would be your colleague that’s always there to cheer you up because that’s what this color symbolizes. It promotes happiness more than any of the other major colors. Researchers also believe that yellow helps encourage strong analytical thinking, and it infuses energy and optimism into your workspace to improve creativity.


Lastly, on our list of home office paint colors is white. It may sound normal or typical, but if you have a small home office, or you want to make the space look brighter, you can never go wrong with white walls. It’s simple, yet it creates a sophisticated space, and it also improves efficiency. Plus, it’s easy to decorate and design a white workspace. Try painting your home office with Benjamin Moore’s Simply White. It’s a nice shade that’s pretty popular with decorators.

That’s a wrap for our home office paint colors. Before you paint your walls, keep in mind that it’s important to choose the right color that will help you be more efficient and productive while working from home. Don’t forget to create a chic and functional home office space that will make you excited to get out of your bed. However, watch out for these home office mistakes that will give you a difficult time to finish all of your tasks.

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