5 Easy Ways on How to Build an Outdoor Workspace Because We’re All Tired of Working Indoors

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Change up your scenery and extend WFH into your backyard or balcony with these steps on how to build an outdoor workspace. Trust us, it will make your work better!

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly changed our lives, specifically in our workspaces. With WFH as the new normal, more and more people are looking for easy ways to create an outdoor workspace, and for the most obvious reason: we’re all tired of working indoors and staring at the same walls.

Now that spring has officially begun, it’s finally warm out, which means we don’t want to be inside all day, so why not learn how to build an outdoor workspace? It can certainly decrease stress, enhance creativity, make you happier, and wash away fatigue. Plus, your backyard or balcony is a pretty good spot for catching up on emails.


Step 1: Desk & Chair

Let’s all admit it, we’ve worked in a lot of places. We’ve worked in our dining table, kitchen, living room, and the most popular spot are in bed. However, nothing beats a good desk. It helps you have the right posture while working all day. It’s best to choose a desk or a table that’s the right height and waterproof just in case Mother Nature decided to make it rain.

You can use any chair you have at your outdoor workspace as long as it has the appropriate height for your workspace. Also, we suggest a chair that’s comfortable and light, so you can always move it inside if it starts raining.

Step 2: Electricity

Four words: heavy-duty outdoor extension cord. It’s much more convenient to recharge your laptop while you work in your backyard or balcony compared to bringing it inside to recharge every few hours.


Step 3: Mini Bar Cart

You might be wondering why it’s part of learning how to build an outdoor workspace. It’s actually not, but sipping on cherry blossom while emailing Susan is much more bearable than having none. Fill your cart with drinks, glassware, ice, and kitchen accessories that will help you get through another long workday. Repeat after us: you deserve that honey rose margarita!

Step 4: Shade

While we all love to sit or lie in the sun, nobody wants to work directly under the sun. It will make your eyes plot mutiny. Trust us, your pupils won’t be able to work through the glare, so it’s best to use some shade like a canopy or an outdoor umbrella. You can also consider a glare guard.

Step 5: Add Bug Repellent Plants

Shoo bugs away from your workspace with insect repelling plants because really there’s nothing worst than a crawling bug across you. Citronella is one of the most popular insect repelling plants. However, you have to crush its leaves to free the citronella fragrance for it to be effective.

Cross off everything on your never-ending to-do list by learning how to build an outdoor workspace with our guide!

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