How to Decorate Your Desk for the Holidays in 3 Chic Ways

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Make working from home fun and festive by learning how to decorate your desk for the holidays!

We know it’s still early to decorate your home for the holidays, but it’s never early to add small doses of holiday cheer to your space, like on your home office desk. Working from home can be tiring and stressful, so why not make things in your workspace festive and fun by trying one of these chic ways on how to decorate your desk for the holidays.

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How to Decorate Your Desk for the Holidays

Classic Holiday Desk Theme

Decorating your desk with classic holiday colors and décor is always a great idea. Start by adding a mini tree wrapped in mini lights. It looks cute, right? Then add tiny ornaments like silver and white Christmas balls in a glass jar or vase. You can also add touches of gold to your desk, like a gold stapler, scissors, or pens. Lastly, add a diffuser to your desk to make the space smell good all the time. Aside from it can lessen the stress and improve your workspace’s ambiance, it can also add height to the space. Plus, a diffuser looks pretty chic!

Cool Holiday Desk Theme

One of the ways how to decorate your desk for the holidays is to choose cool tones like shades of blue. Similar to the classic theme, add a mini tree decorated with mini lights and tiny ornaments on your desk. You can also add a snow globe to the space. We don’t know about you, but we love watching the snow fall. It’s sort of a stress reliever. Don’t forget to add a diffuser!

Warm Holiday Desk Theme

If you really want your desk to make a statement this coming holiday season, it’s best to choose a warm color scheme like red and gold. It’s so easy to bring the holiday cheers to your desk with these colors! Add a mini tree wrapped in lights and decorated with red and gold Christmas ornaments. To make the space look chicer, place leftover red and gold ornaments in a clear vase to decorate your desk. Don’t forget to add touches of gold and red to your desk items like gold pens and a red notebook.

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