7 Chic and Practical Pantry Ideas

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Organize your kitchen with these practical yet stylish pantry ideas. It works even when your kitchen space is limited!

Kitchen larders are originally used as a room for storing and preserving food way back before the refrigerator was invented. Nowadays, the kitchen larder has turned into what we call a pantry. It’s a simple stand-alone cupboard where you can store dry goods. Some homes have a walk-in pantry, but if your home doesn’t include a pantry or a kitchen larder, you can also DIY or buy a stand-alone cupboard. There are so many pantry ideas that you can easily do to keep all dry goods organized, no matter the size of your kitchen.

Walk-in Pantry

A walk-in pantry is the most common style you see at homes. It’s the best solution to keep and organize dry goods and food. Keep it neat and organized by using baskets, clear containers, and placing labels.

Cupboard Style

A cupboard style is one of the pantry ideas for small kitchens. It’s a perfect space to keep dry goods organized even when space is limited.


Free-standing Style

A free-standing style is also another great choice to keep dry goods and food organized. It’s perfect for kitchens with enough space but doesn’t have the option to build a walk-in pantry. However, similar to a walk-in pantry, keep it organized by using clear containers with labels and baskets.


Pull-out Drawers

A pull-out drawer style is one of the pantry ideas perfect either for small or big kitchens.

Pull-out Style

Another pull-out style pantry if you don’t have enough space for a walk-in pantry or huge free-standing cupboard.

Organized Open Shelves

Floating shelves can also be one of the pantry ideas to keep your jars of pasta, rice, and flour organized while keeping them on display.

Hidden Pantry

Hidden pantry is a sleek style to organize dry goods and food. It feels like it has its own room, but it’s still part of the kitchen.

Whether you have a spacious kitchen or a small kitchen, these pantry ideas will definitely work for you! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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