11 Breakfast Nook Ideas to Enjoy Your Morning Coffee

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These cozy and easy breakfast nook ideas will get you out of bed every morning in a flash!

A formal dining room is nice, but it can feel too fancy for everyday use, particularly every morning. While a charming and cozy breakfast nook is just perfect to enjoy your morning coffee or for intimate conversations and meals. Yes, having a breakfast nook can make even the most reluctant early riser get out of bed every morning in a flash. Plus, it’s a cozy spot for WFH. The key is to create a laid-back, comfortable style that you can enjoy while staying at home.

Whether it’s a banquette in the corner of your tiny kitchen or a small dining set-up with a gorgeous view, these breakfast nook ideas are the perfect way to start the day!

Built-In Banquette

This is one of our favorite breakfast nook ideas! Carve out a space in your tiny kitchen or dining room and add a built-in bench or a built-in banquette with leftover kitchen cabinets. Repaint them, add chairs & upholstery, and a bistro table.

Create a Gallery Wall

Transform boring walls into an eclectic gallery wall with a mix of metallic and wooden frames.

Enjoy the Bright Morning Light

Another one of our favorite breakfast nook ideas is to set it by a large window so you can enjoy the morning sun while sipping your coffee.

Keep Things Simple

Got a small apartment but still want a breakfast nook? Shrink it with a simple bistro table and two side chairs. Spruce it up with an eye-catching pendant.

Make It Kid-Friendly

Make a breakfast nook that’s fun for your kids by designing the space with a cheerful palette, cool wall art, and an oversized drum pendant.

Make It Pet-Friendly

One of our favorite breakfast nook ideas is to design with your furry friends in mind. Carve out a “pet cave” where your cat or dog can rest while you enjoy your brunch. Make sure that the top folds up when you remove the cushion, so your furry friends have another exit.

Petite Breakfast Nook

No space? No problem. A teeny tiny breakfast nook by the window is the perfect spot to sip your morning coffee.

Stick to Neutrals

One of our breakfast nook ideas is to try warmer tones, like cream or off-white, to make the space feel more inviting.


Take It Outside

If you have an outdoor space, even just a tiny balcony, take advantage of it by adding chairs with bright cushions and a small bistro table.

Use Cheerful Colors

Use a cheerful palette, such as navy combined with rattan furniture or gray combined with yellow. It will surely create an energizing breakfast nook.

Whimsical Yet Classic

Step out of your comfort zone, and create a whimsical yet classic breakfast nook by combining two opposite styles: classic and eclectic. Mix different colors, patterns, and textures, such as bold red, modern wall art, and rattan table, to achieve this style.

We don’t mind waking up to these adorable breakfast nook ideas! What do you think?

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