7 Affordable and Easy Kitchen Upgrades to Try

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Roll up your sleeves because these budget-friendly and creative DIY kitchen upgrades will make your dream kitchen come true.

Upgrading a kitchen is indeed a form of investment in your home. However, not everyone has the budget to spend at least $10,000 or even $20,000 to hire a pro. So why not roll up your sleeves and get those DIY muscles pumping by updating your outdated kitchen with these easy kitchen upgrades.

Update Your Lighting

There’s nothing worse than a dark, outdated kitchen. So one of the easiest kitchen upgrades is to change the lighting to set the ambiance and mood of the kitchen. You can add pendants over your kitchen island, a sconce over the sink, or a string of tiny white lights under your kitchen cabinets. If you have the budget and skills, you can install a skylight to let the natural light fill up the kitchen space.

Repaint Your Cabinets and Walls

There’s nothing a can of paint can’t fix. It’s one of the cheapest kitchen upgrades you can do in just a day. Choose dark colors, such as sage green or black. You can also opt for lighter hues like white or beige. Make sure to choose a paint color that will blend well with your home’s style.

Add a Faux Kitchen Island

No kitchen is too small for a rolling island. Aside from it provides additional space and storage, you can also easily tuck it away to make space if you have guests over.

Add a Backsplash

Retiling might be one of the kitchen upgrades that will take time and a bit of money, but definitely worth it. Think of classic subway tiles that can make your kitchen look fresh and clean. You can also opt for peel and stick tiles, which would costs cheaper but can still add style to your kitchen.

Change Out Your Hardware

One of the cheapest and easiest kitchen upgrades is to replace the hardware. It’s such a simple update that you can do in a few minutes but will make a beautiful impression on your kitchen space.

Add Kitchen Plants

For plant enthusiasts, add life to the kitchen by displaying your indoor plants. You can also create a windowsill garden or herb garden for fresh ingredients. Make sure to water your plants and give them enough light to keep them alive and healthy.

Opt for Open Storage

You might think that opting for open storage can make your kitchen look cluttered, but the key to pulling off the open shelf look you always see on Pinterest is balance high and low items. We recommend that you display your favorite stylish containers and glasses to make them look attractive.

If you’re renovating a kitchen for the first time, it’s best to research first. Take photos of your kitchen and create a mood board to check if the design will go well in your space. Feel like a five-star chef with these kitchen upgrades. Don’t forget to share your upgraded kitchen at Omysa’s Instagram! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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