How to Declutter Your Pantry in 7 Easy Steps

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Have a clean and perfectly organized pantry this weekend by learning how to declutter your pantry!

An organized pantry can make your kitchen run more smoothly. Decluttering and getting rid of expired items, empty bottles and containers, and cleaning the space can help you be aware of items you need to restock or maybe find items you need. If you’re planning to clean your kitchen space, we suggest decluttering and organizing your pantry first. Here are seven easy steps on how to declutter your pantry so you can maximize your storage space, as well.

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Remove Everything You Have

The first step in decluttering your pantry is to remove everything you have. This will help you reorganize everything to maximize storage space and easily take inventory.

Take Inventory

The next step is to take inventory, which means to throw expired items and to check items that need to be restocked. If you have items that aren’t expired, create a plan on how to use them or donate them.

Thoroughly Clean

Before you start to organize and return everything on your pantry shelves, make sure to clean the space first. Wipe down crumbs, toss any old packaging, and vacuum or sweep the floor.

Group Items

Next is to group similar items together, such as cereals, snacks, baking supplies, and more. This will help you find items easier.

Organize With Storage Containers

To make your pantry look Pinterest-worthy, transfer food from its original packaging to clear storage containers. Don’t forget to create labels!


Create a Running List

Now that you’ve organized everything in your pantry, it’s time to create a running list of items you have and a list of items you need to restock soon. You could add a chalkboard on the back of your pantry door so that you could add and remove items.

Maximize Storage Space by Using the Door and Wire Shelves

The best solution for a small pantry space is to maximize the walls, use the back of the door, or use wire shelves. You could also under-shelf baskets for fruits and snacks.

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