Get More Out of Your Space by Learning How to Organize Your Fridge

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Spend an afternoon with us by learning how to organize your fridge the right way.

We all dream of an Insta-worthy home. From an Instagrammable closet to a Zoom-worthy bookshelf. Now, it’s all about the refrigerator that’s color-coordinated and well-organized in clear containers. It doesn’t only look visually pleasing, but an organized fridge also saves money and time, such as less food waste, mealtimes are more efficient, and no more unpleasant smells.

One of the secrets of an organized and stylish fridge is to categorize items into groups and place them in bins and containers with handles. Keep the fresh fruit or veggies in front for easy access. However, these are just some of the tips you should know. If you really want to learn how to organize your fridge, then just keep reading to get our ultimate guide on how to organize your fridge.

Before You Organize Your Fridge

EMPTY THE FRIDGE: The first step on how to organize your fridge is to take EVERYTHING out, including shelves. If you have left something in the fridge that’s WAY past its expiration date, we beg you to throw it out before it becomes alive. Start with a fresh slate. 

WIPE DOWN ALL SURFACES: Next is to clean it out, from top to bottom. Scrub all those weird gunky juice stains and wash the shelves. You are not going to deep-clean your fridge every six months, so it’s best to take your time in making every nook and cranny squeaky clean.

PLAN ACCORDINGLY: Congratulations on making your fridge spotless! Now it’s time to set a map of your fridge. This means designating specific areas for categories of food and items. Keep in mind that this is the key to an organized and Insta-worthy fridge. We recommend placing food and snacks in the center and front for easy access.

How to Organize Your Fridge

As we have mentioned, the key to an organized and Insta-worthy fridge is to designate specific areas for each food category. For example, the coldest spots in your fridge are in the back, so it’s best to place dairy, eggs, milk, and raw meat in that area. Check out how to organize your fridge, from the upper shelves down to the freezer.

UPPER SHELVES: Drinks, herbs, leftovers, and ready-to-eat food.

LOWER SHELVES: Dairy, eggs, and raw meat.

CRISPER: Fruits and veggies.

DOORS: Condiments, juices, and water.

FREEZER: Bread, eggs, frozen fruits and vegetables, ice, meat, and stock.

NEVER REFRIGERATE: Onions, potatoes, squash, and tomatoes.


More Tips on How to Organize Your Fridge

Of course, we have more tips on how to organize your fridge starting with clear containers.

AVOID OVERFILLING: We know that it’s 100% satisfying gazing at your full fridge filled with all your favorite items but be sure not to overload it since it can restrict airflow, making it harder to keep the whole space cool.

LABEL EVERYTHING: It’s really simple to roll out a blue painter’s tape and a Sharpie. Write both the name of the food and the date of storage, so you will know what needs to be consumed first.

USE A LAZY SUSAN: Trust us, putting a lazy Susan in your fridge is a game changer! Use it for jams, jellies, salad dressings, and sauces.

USE CLEAR CONTAINERS: Clear containers are your lifesaver when it comes to fridge organization. It’s recommended to group like items together and place them in the right zone, such as fruits and vegetables (separated containers) in the crisper.

USE SHELF LINERS: Shelf liners are your lifesaver, as well, because they can protect your shelves from spills, which help fight bacteria and odors.

Stop digging around to find something to cook or snack on because you have a cluttered fridge. Allot your Saturday afternoon in organizing your fridge. Not only it will keep your shelves clean, but it will also keep your food fresh! Plus, isn’t it more exciting to open the door and seeing everything’s organized?

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