6 Tips on How to Style Open Kitchen Shelves

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Hop on the trend, and nail a Pinterest-worthy kitchen by learning how to style open kitchen shelves.

Open shelving has been making a bizz-buzz since 2020, and we’re not surprised that this kitchen trend will continue this 2021. It’s one of the trends we love because it can look totally chic and contained when done right. Yes, you read that ‘when done right’ part. Although it’s not that really complicated how to style open kitchen shelves, it still seems to be a challenging task on how to nail that Pinterest-worthy look. Similar to styling your bookshelf, styling open shelves is a combination of greeneries, short and tall decor pieces, kitchen essentials, and lots of tweaks here and there.

So if you’re ready to expose your clutter to the world in a stylish way, here are the tips on how to style open kitchen shelves.

Add Greenery

Lush trailing indoor plants are the perfect greenery to add to your open kitchen shelves. It adds a pop of color, and it makes the shelves look visually interesting. You can add kitchen plants, such as Pothos, Philodendron, or succulents and cacti. Make sure that your plants will receive enough light to thrive. You can also opt for a vase of fresh blooms.

Balance High and Low Décor

One of the tricks to nail Pinterest-worthy open shelves is to mix and match high and low décor elements, such as chopping boards, candle holders, wooden bowls, and glasses. Choose décor items that will go well with your theme. For example, if you’re going for a minimalist look, opt for pieces in neutral colors or metallic.

Show Off Your Favorite Finds

One way on how to style open kitchen shelves is to show off your favorite finds from places you’ve visited, such as a collection of mugs, hand pots, bowls, or even your favorite kitchen books. This will add personality to your open shelves.

Display Stylish Containers

Of course, it’s only right to display stylish glass containers of dry pasta, coffee, and sugar. Pay attention to the style and color of your container because it should perfectly match your theme and the items on display.

Add Glasses, Cups, and Bowls

Your open kitchen shelves won’t be complete with your everyday cups, bowls, glasses, and plates. That’s one of the purposes of installing open shelves. It’s best to place these items on the lower shelf or within reach. If you’re worried about collecting little dust every day, you can flip the items so that they’re protected by the shelf’s surface.

Stand Back and Edit

The final step is to stand back and edit the parts that need improvement. Have fun rearranging the items until you get the style that you want. Just make sure that both sides of the shelves look balanced. Snap a photo of your open shelves to check any irregularities.

Even a professional stylist tries to edit and tweak open kitchen shelves multiple times before they get it right, so don’t feel pressured if you can’t get it right the first time. We hope that these steps will help you create an envy-inducing Instagram and Pinterest-worthy open kitchen shelves. Don’t forget to keep it functional and to have fun! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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