5 Kitchen Counter Organization Tips That Will Leave You Plenty of Room for Cooking

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Creative and practical kitchen counter organization tips to help you keep your kitchen counter neat and organized.

A neat and organized kitchen is a happy kitchen. However, cleaning and organizing a kitchen isn’t joyful as it sounds, especially if you are lacking cabinets and counter space. But fret not because even though your kitchen counter might not have enough space for stacked cookie jars à la Khloe Kardashian, you can definitely count on these kitchen counter organization tips! These kitchen counter organization tips work well whether you have a kitchen small counter or a spacious kitchen counter. Let’s get organizing!

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Divide Your Kitchen Counter Into Sections

One of the kitchen counter organization tips is to divide your kitchen counter space into sections. This will give every item on your countertop a designated spot so that next time you will know where to find it. Plus, it makes your kitchen counter look neater.

Keep a Junk Bowl

Let’s admit it, we always stuff random stuff on our kitchen counter, so it’s best to keep a junk bowl wherein you can put all your knickknacks and other items. Make sure to clean it by the end of the day or every week before it starts to pile up and become a mess.

Keep Your Kitchen Counter as Clear as Possible

Keeping your kitchen counter as clear as possible is one of the kitchen counter organization tips you should start practicing if you want a clean and organized kitchen countertop. It could be as simple as putting back items where they belong or making a home for items to keep them organized.

Store Dry Food in Clear Containers

It’s so much better to look at dry food when they are stored in clear containers with labels. It doesn’t have to be as neat as Khloe Kardashian’s Oreo cookies in a jar, but taking out dry food in their original packaging and placing them in clear jars could make your kitchen countertop look aesthetically pleasing.

Use Vertical Storage

If you lack drawer or cabinet space, make use of vases to store kitchen utensils, such as spatulas and strainers.

A cleared-off kitchen counter is not just clean, but a healthy counter too! Free up some of your time this weekend and organize your kitchen counter with the help of these kitchen counter organization tips!

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