7 Pretty Mug Storage Ideas to Make Your Morning Routine Smoother

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Even if you’re short on space, these clever and creative mug storage ideas will make your mornings brewtiful.

A fresh cup of coffee or tea is the perfect way to start the day, but cluttered mug storage isn’t. Make your morning routine smoother with these easy yet creative mug storage ideas!

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Add Underbelly Hooks

One of the easiest mug storage ideas is to screw underbelly hooks to the bottom of a cabinet shelf. This will make it so much easier to grab your mug every morning.

Embrace Open Shelving

Combine a floating shelf with a gold or silver rail with S-hooks. It will instantly upgrade your coffee station’s style!

Install a Pegboard

One of the best mug storage ideas is installing a pegboard. You can rearrange your mug or add and remove mugs on the wall. Plus, it doubles as an art because of the different vibrant colors.

Mug Storage Cart

If you’re like us who has a moving coffee station, it’s best to create a space in your cart to store your mugs. You could wheel it everywhere whenever you need some caffeine to boost your energy.

Use a Free-Standing Shelf

Add extra space or height in your cabinet or coffee station by using a free-standing shelf to store your mugs. Store your coffee beans and other mix-ins underneath to maximize the space.

Use a Lazy Susan

Customize a Lazy Susan by installing hooks to hang your mugs. It’s an easy way to store your mugs without taking too much space.

Use Spare Walls

Got an empty wall? Install rails with S-hooks to store your mugs. Hang baskets underneath for your coffee mix-ins or K-cups.

Try one of these clever mug storage ideas to make your at-home brewing easier and in style! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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