The One Thing You Should Always Do When Decorating Your Kitchen and the One Thing You Shouldn’t

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Whether you’re going for a total kitchen makeover or just a mini reno, here’s the one thing you should always do when decorating your kitchen and a major no-no.

Designing your home can be a fun and exciting activity, but let’s admit it, it can also be a frustrating and daunting task. You want to make the space look stylish and functional, but you also have to stay within the budget. However, experts share their secret to keep the task simple and focus on what’s really important. It’s actually pretty obvious, but we’re just too overwhelmed with the process. So whether you’re planning to flip your kitchen and make the space look new or you just want a quick and easy makeover for the weekend, here’s the one thing you should always do when decorating your kitchen.

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The One Thing You Should Always Do When Decorating Your Kitchen: Focus on the Details

As we have mentioned, the one thing you should always do when decorating your kitchen is pretty straightforward. Experts say that designing a kitchen is all about small touches that are both functional and beautiful. Further, it turns out by focusing on the details, the decorating task can be simple and budget-friendly, which makes it delightful and exciting.

These details could be as simple as keeping the soap in glass dispensers or choosing attractive dish towels. It could be also transferring dry food in containers or labeling your spices to make them look more organized. You could also place your spatulas into a fancy-looking crock or corral your vinegar and olive oil on a cutting board.

Another way to make your kitchen bring joy to the space is by adding kitchen plants or building a wall herb garden. You could also decorate the kitchen with vibrant textiles to add life and softness to the space, such as placing a runner or tablecloth, tea towels, or a small stylish rug.

The One Thing You Shouldn’t Do: Don’t Go Too Trendy

Experts say that this is a major no-no as it could only cause stress in the long run. Before you go trendy in decorating your kitchen, ask yourself: Will you still love this trend and can’t do without it 10 years from now? It would help you so much in making a big decision, like buying a new appliance, countertops, or experimental pieces that you think would go perfectly well in the kitchen.

It’s always best to remember that while these trends look good now, they would be dated after a year or two. In the end, your effort, time, and especially money would just go to waste. It’s best to stick with the classic pieces and to keep everything simple and neutral. It’s less costly and easier to update whenever you need to spice things up in the kitchen.

If you really want to add trendy pieces to your kitchen, go for small items, like accessories, artwork, and rugs. Focus on the details to bring joy into your kitchen. The overall space may not look trendy, but at least it has touches of things that are popular at the moment. These pieces can be replaced when they look dated or when you get tired of them. It’s best to be practical when designing your kitchen. Aside from it could save you time and money, it would also save you from stress and the daunting task of redecorating the space.

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