7 Things to Put on Your Kitchen Countertop (& 4 Things to Not Store)

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Whether you have a lot of countertop space or just a little, these are things to put on your kitchen countertop to make it look organized and stylish!

A big part of organizing your kitchen is knowing the right things to put on your kitchen countertop and the things you shouldn’t store. Some of us have loads of countertop space, but if just have a little countertop space, it’s best to keep everything minimal. What are the things to put on your kitchen countertop to make it look stylish and organized?

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Art Display

Your kitchen countertop is a great space to display art and photos. It adds personality and color to the space. Plus, it creates an inviting focal point to your kitchen space.

Coffee or Tea Station

One of the (important) things to put on your kitchen countertop is your coffee machine and coffee-making supplies, like coffee mugs, coffeemaker, stirrers, milk, sugar, and of course, coffee itself or tea-making supplies.

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Display your chic cookbooks on your kitchen countertop. You can show off your cookbooks using a lovely vintage basket or stack them properly and use a vase as a book stopper.

Display Cutting Boards & Trays

One of the things to put on your kitchen countertop to make it look chic and Instagram-worthy is to display your cutting boards and trays in a stylish way. Prop them against your kitchen’s backsplash to make them stand out.


Fresh Fruits

A bowl of fresh fruits will always make your kitchen countertop look beautiful. Plus, it’s convenient in case you’re hungry and need a snack. Place them in wooden containers or baskets to make them look more visually interesting.

Kitchen Plants & Herbs

Of course, if you’re a plant parent, your kitchen countertop is a great space to place your kitchen herbs and plants. Make sure that there’s enough light in the area, and don’t forget to water your herbs or plants!

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Spices & Oils

Create a chef-inspired kitchen by displaying your spices and oils in a chic tray or cutting board. Trust us, it will make you look like you’re a pro at cooking even though you’re not.

Now that you know the things to put on your kitchen countertops, what are the things you shouldn’t store? These are the four things you shouldn’t put on your kitchen countertop:

Appliances you rarely use since they will only take counter space that you could use for important things.
Collections that will hinder you from moving smoothly whenever you’re cooking or prepping dishes.
Papers like bills and receipts should be kept in a drawer or create a board where you can neatly pin them.
Serving pieces should also be kept in drawers ad cabinets since they can also take too much counter space.

We hope that these guides on things to put on your kitchen countertop will help you create the chic and organized kitchen space of your dreams! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy organizing!

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