Ultimate Kitchen Guide: 10 Ideas and Tips for Redesigning a Kitchen

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Planning for a kitchen makeover for the new year? Here are ideas and tips for redesigning a kitchen!

There’s no doubt that the kitchen is one of the most functional spaces in any home. Due to its frequent usage, after some time, it will undoubtedly require renovations at some point. The process of a kitchen renovation can be pretty pricey. Therefore, you must consider money-saving renovation methods that will still work the magic. Here are ideas and tips for redesigning a kitchen.

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Tips for Redesigning a Kitchen

Declutter First

When we think of remodeling any space, we only think of fixing the usual things like paint, gadgets, cabinets, furniture, etc. However, if your house is anything like ours, your kitchen also comes with a junk drawer full of papers, tools, curiosities, and stuff you have not used in years. Even if you do all the necessary upgrades and still have that cluttered look, the changes won’t take effect as desired, and your home will still have that dull look that you’re trying to move past. 

First, reorganize your space by throwing out kitchen tools that you don’t need or don’t use regularly. Strive to keep the necessities only. When planning your renovation, make sure to include storage space so that all of your tools, utensils, and appliances have a specific home. Doing this will help you start the redesigning process with a greater perspective of your space.

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Refresh Look of The Cabinets

Replacing all the kitchen cabinets can be an expensive affair, but if they’re in good shape, there are alternatives that you can take up instead. First, start by replacing the cabinet doors, then remove the old paint. Use quality white gloss paint to give the cabinets a new appealing look. Whatever new color choice you settle on, make sure that the old paint is wholly scrubbed off.

Alternatively, if you want to eliminate the kitchen cabinet entirely, one of our tips for redesigning a kitchen is open shelving. It’s a cheaper storage option that also saves space. With these shelves, everything is easy to grab. However, if you’re not organized, open shelving may not be the best option for you. Also, if your utensils are less coordinated, the whole décor may look messy, so it would be better to stick to the cabinets.

Update Plumbing Fixtures

We rely on kitchen plumbing for many roles, from cleaning utensils, washing hands, filling up a glass of water, etc. You agree that a high percentage will also realize that their plumbing fixtures are faulty until there’s a noticeable blockage or during a pipe burst. Hire a professional to do a proper maintenance check to ensure everything is working as it should. In the process, they will also advise you on the modern faucet and sinks in the market as they outline which one is best suited for your kitchen and help in the installation process. 

Add Peel and Stick Tile 

The kitchen walls are destroyed mainly by water, oil, and heat. The most affordable option to replace the tiles on the wall would be using tile stickers. It’s one of our trusted tips for redesigning a kitchen. They will get rid of the dull look and pass a sense of style to anyone entering your kitchen. The most suited type would be the vinyl and gel tile stickers, as they can take as long as two years before they wear off and are also easy to clean. The good thing about this is that you can save on the costs and install it for yourself. 

Get the dimensions of the area you wish to refresh, and your vendor will direct you on how many tiles will be enough to cover the area. Once you get it, get your knife and ruler and glue and do the installation in hours. If it ever wears off, the process is the same. 

Change the Lighting

Lighting is one of the most delicate things in any space, and it plays an integral role in determining how your room will look. You can get some great bargains on the lighting from the vendors, so don’t be afraid to experiment and send a statement with the lighting. If your kitchen has dark color schemes, you can use chandeliers and pendants to change the mood. Ensure that their positions illuminate the cooking area well. 

It would also be great to install some LED under-cabinet lighting that you can easily customize into your space. A lighting professional would be best suited to advise you and install all the additional fixtures you need. Don’t also forget natural light is equally important. Consider installing new windows between the glass blinds. Besides them adding natural light into your kitchen, they are also energy-efficient, and they will undoubtedly help you save your utility costs.

Repaint the Walls and Ceiling

Again, you can never go wrong with an extra touch of paint as it’s one of the most practical tips for redesigning a kitchen. Within a few hours, you will have succeeded at giving your kitchen a new and refreshed look without a lot of pressure, and you can DIY or hire a professional. Before you start painting, first seal off visible nail holes that may be on the wall. After sealing the holes, cover the floor, appliances, and other surfaces and begin the painting process, preferably with light paints. The light color will automatically brighten up the kitchen and make the kitchen look seemingly larger.

Add Artwork

When homeowners shop for artwork, they mostly think about their living room and bedroom, but not the kitchen. Sure, adding wall art in the kitchen isn’t common practice, but you’ll be surprised at the new spark and style that it brings. Additionally, it gives the image of a larger space. The artwork doesn’t have to be big, but it can be bold with graphics that match the cabinetry, backsplash, and countertops. Depending on your wall space, you will choose the best place to hang your art.

Tips for Redesigning a Kitchen

Give the Kitchen Floor a New Look

Doing an entire kitchen floor replacement is quite a task, and it’s also expensive. However, it would cost you much less to repaint the floor. Besides, you can DIY and, most importantly, use enamel paint since it’s best suited to handle all the kitchen foot traffic. 

Update The Countertops

The countertops are top of the essential list to the overall look of your kitchen. However, they are most susceptible to cracks, chippings and they can harbor germs. Therefore, it has to be made from a good, extremely tough, heat-resistant, and durable material like quartz. At least with this, you can maintain hygiene standards easily and deny germs breeding ground.

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Add Personal Touches 

It’s suitable for every room in your home to be a perfect reflection of your tastes. For most, the living room is the best option to show this, but the kitchen would also do this best. Don’t shy away from replacing furnishings, appliances, or also kitchen design if possible. Every personalized fixture makes it more homely and desirable, so don’t feel shy to show that side of you.

If you do all these ideas and tips for redesigning a kitchen, you’ll leave no stone unturned. If the whole remodel seems expensive after planning out the budget, split everything in bits till the entire remodel is done. Whether you do everything at once or in bits, the result will still be the same as long as the right specialists handle it.

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