Update a White Kitchen Without Renovating With These 6 Easy Ideas

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From easy DIY hacks to mini makeovers, there are a few ways to update a white kitchen without renovating. You might find a good idea for your white kitchen!

White kitchens used to be all the rage a few years ago. However, ever since the pandemic started, white kitchens started to become sort of dated. Maybe because many of us have been spending a decent amount of time in the kitchen, learning how to cook, bake, and even get some work done with our cup of coffee, noticed that adding color in the space makes it feel more homey and stylish.

It’s no surprise since experts expected that white kitchens would be out of style someday, but not completely dated to the point no one wants it. There are still plenty of people who would choose a white kitchen but mixed with other colors to make the space look lively. So if you’re planning to update your white kitchen without renovating or repainting all the walls into a trendy color, here are a few ideas that you might like!

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Gorgeous Backsplash

One of the ways to update a white kitchen without renovating is to add color and pattern through a backsplash. It’s an easy way to add personality and style to a white kitchen. It’s a pretty simple decorating task you can do over the weekend. If you’re renting a space, you can always try peel-and-stick decals or a bright coat of paint.

Install Wood Open Shelves

We all love white kitchens. They’re timeless and easier to clean. However, if you want to spice things up and make them look trendy, you could always opt for rustic beams or wood-open shelves. It could give your all-white kitchen so much character. Further, open shelving is one of the trends to style to your kitchen, so it’s nice to give it a shot!

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Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you can’t paint the walls of your kitchen, you can always splash a bright coat of paint on your kitchen cabinets. It’s a great way to elevate the space and update a white kitchen without renovating. You could make the space feel earthy with forest green paint color or eclectic with a rich red shade.

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Place a Rug

If you’re not a fan of painting anything in your all-white kitchen space, then perhaps adding a rug in front of the sink will do the trick. Rugs can add color, pattern, and texture to the space. Since an all-white can look stale, adding a rug can update the space in just a few seconds.

Switch Up Your Lighting

Another way to update a white kitchen without renovating is to switch up your lighting. Lighting in the kitchen can make or break the space. However, instead of focusing on the typical pendants and sconces, why not add an extra glow to your kitchen with a table lamp? It may sound a bit odd to add a lamp in the kitchen, but it actually works in the space. It can soften the space and add extra warmth while creating height and sculptural interest.

Update Your Hardware

OK, we have suggested a few easy ideas to update a white kitchen without renovating, but changing the hardware is our favorite! It’s easy to do, but it can create a dramatic effect in the space. Switch out your old hardware with modern brass. It adds a touch of glam to the space, and it’s suitable for renters too!

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