Maximize Your Tiny Space With These 11 Small Living Room Ideas

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Make the most of itty bitty spaces with these simple yet creative small living room ideas.

A small living room can be a challenge to style, but believe us, we prefer styling a small living room over a large living space. Wait, did you just call us crazy? Yes, seriously. Styling a small living room forces us to be creative. Did you notice that too? Of course, making décor mistakes will be part of the process, but so is learning until you get the styling right. So if you’re looking for small living room ideas that will maximize every corner of your tiny space, follow these décor tips!

Add Mirrors

One of the small living room ideas that can instantly make your space look visually larger is by adding mirrors. You can either position a mirror that will reflect the natural light or layer two framed mirrors for a stylish look. You can also create an accent wall made of mirrors.

Built-In Shelving

Built-ins can certainly save floor space and add storage to your small living room. Make your built-in shelf look chic and organized by learning how to style it. Plus, since many of us are working from home, your built-in shelf can serve as your background in Zoom meetings too!

Lay a Large Rug

Choosing a larger rug is also one of the small living room ideas that can make the space feel bigger. Laying a large rug can also help you plan the layout of the room and how to position your furniture pieces.

Choose a Light Paint Color

When you have a small living room, it’s best to paint the space with light colors. You can also opt for bold, dark colors only if the room is getting a lot of natural light, but if not, opt for white or light gray paint colors.

Double-Duty Furniture

One of the small living room ideas to maximize the space and to keep it organized is to choose double-duty furniture. For example, a storage ottoman or a customized sofa with storage drawers underneath.

Gallery Wall

gallery wall can add personality to a living space and can make the room look lived-in. Either decorate the space with large wall art or get creative by trying out a grid layout or a gallery wall of your collections.

Install Smart Lighting

When you have a small space, every inch counts. So to save you floor space, instead of using floor lamps, it’s better to install swing-arm sconces.

Let the Natural Light in

One of the small living room ideas to make your space look airy and bright is to let the natural light in. Of course, to give you privacy, opt for sheer curtains or add a warm touch to the room by installing rattan shades or bamboo shades.

Make It Cozy

Experts say that adding throw pillows can instantly turn your living room into a cozy and inviting space. Dress your throw pillows to add color and style to the space.

Make It Multi-Purpose

One of the ways to maximize a small living room is to create a mini workspace. Since many of us are working from home, a simple workspace can definitely help in increasing your productivity and to help you work better. It could be as simple as a lean desk, chair, and table lamp. You can also add pots of plants to make the area look lively.


Wallpaper the Ceiling

Aside from decorating the floors and walls, don’t forget to pay attention to the ceiling. It might sound challenging to wallpaper your living room’s ceiling, but trust us, it adds so much character and style to the space!

Roll up your sleeves and unleash your creativity. Don’t forget to try these small living room ideas for your living room makeover! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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