20 Best Instagram Living Rooms We Love

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Looking for #LivingRoom inspiration? Check out these gorgeous Instagram living rooms we’re super loving!

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and realized it’s already 4:30 in the morning, and you have saved so much living room design tips and inspiration in your collection? ‘Cause SAME. Time doesn’t exist when you’re flooded with gorgeous Instagram living rooms, that you just want to get out of your bed and redesign your home. It’s true, Instagram is a great tool to look for inspiration about architecture, interior styles, and home decor.

Guess what? We have found 20 noteworthy Instagram living rooms posted by our favorite interior design accounts, and we’re going to share it with you today. Ready to stay up until 5 in the morning? Yes? Let’s get started!

Back to the 70s

First up is this cozy yet stylish 70s living room by vintage collector Kelly LaBoda Elliott. The fab-u-lous combination of earthy color palette and natural materials is giving us a cozy and clean living room where you can hang out with your family and friends. The greenery and sunflowers on the table add a fresh look to the space. Plus, she added a bar in her living area, which is a great idea to entertain guests. No wonder she made it first on our Instagram living rooms list.


If you have a gypsy soul whose mantra is the more pattern and color, the better, then you’ll fall in love with Andi Teggart’s boho living room featured on Omysa’s Instagram page. We just can’t get enough of the bold colors, chic patterns, and lush Instagram-worthy plants in her living area.

Dark Scandinavian Chic

We have mentioned that dark Scandi interior will be an interior design trend this 2020, and Interior Blogger Judith‘s Instagram post proved that with her dark but chic and cozy Scandi living room. The area appears simple yet clean and fresh because of her gorgeous indoor plants. A touch of warmth comes from the wooden coffee table that can also be used as a bench, wooden ladder for coats, and planter. If you’re planning to redesign your living space, this should be on your Instagram living rooms inspo list!

Classic Meets Modern

This all-white sophisticated classic modern living room by Vanessa Rome Interiors is making us #InstaJealous. The bright open interior and wood coffee table bring a modern touch to the space. Plus, can we talk about how gorgeous and dreamy that sofa is? It’s the focal point of this Instagrammable living room.

Open and Airy Hampton Space

The Hamptons Holiday House Instagram living room post makes us want to pack our bags and go on a vacation at this relaxing Hampton styled living area. The furniture is neutral and natural, which makes it a perfect combination for this open and airy living room.

Fresh & Cozy

We’re in love with this fresh and cozy living space by Fleurrell featured on Omysa’s Instagram page. An abundance of throw pillows and a perfect combination of patterns, colors, and textures increases the cozy vibes.


Of course, this heavenly earthy space must be added to our Instagram living rooms list. It’s furnished with natural materials like wood, wicker, rattan, bamboo, terracotta, and LOTS of indoor plants. Indeed, a wonderful happy place of Sara Toufali.


A bold and eclectic living room interior by interior blogger Mindy is a perfect example of how you fuse a lot of color into a space, and it still looks great. Plus, we’re loving all the animal decors in her living room.


Barker and Stonehouse posted a picture of this stunning geometrical styled living room. We love the geometric patterns and shapes used to decorate the space. Plus, the living room also features one of the interior trends this year, velvet sofa.

Home Library

Every bookworm’s dream! My Domaine posted this post and no doubt it should be on our Instagram living rooms list.

Statement Living Room Wall

A sophisticated Mid-century living room interior with a gorgeous gallery wall of Maggie Miller Interiors featured on Omysa’s Instagram page. A combination of soothing gray walls and natural materials makes this room feels comforting, clean, and natural.

Masculine Chic

A personal interior style favorite of mine is masculine chic, and I think this post is one of my favorite Instagram living rooms posted by Taft Alexander. Dark furniture and walls and vintage masculine chic decors that screams Clark Gable. Although this living space is small, it doesn’t feel cramped because of the oversized mirror and white ceiling.


Another interior style trend this 2020 is the maximalist decor. Wendy Morrison Design posted this jungle-themed living room with lots of patterns, prints, and gold. One of the keys to using this interior style is to make sure there’s a flow in the decors so that the space still looks nice and polished.

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Modern French

Who says you can’t bring Paris into your home? This effortless chic modern french living room is every Parisian girl’s dream. It oozes luxury, especially the design of the molding that lines the topmost portion of the space is simply stunning.

Modern Glam

Soft colors, bright and airy space modern glam living room by Juliet Interiors makes it on our Instagram living rooms list. The whole living space exudes glamour. The gorgeous chandelier makes a statement in this living room.


We love this light-filled interior by Emily Henderson. White walls, white furniture, and an abundance of windows, the room feels amazingly light-filled. Added a mix of patterns and textures makes the space even cozier and inviting.

Living Room with A View

This living room by A House By The Trees is undeniably beautiful, but what catches our eye is the stunning view outside. Large windows not only allow natural light in, but they also offer a clear view of the green trees, mountains, and blue sky.

Urban Jungle

Urban jungle, one of the interior trends that millennials started, and we think it should be part of our Instagram living rooms list. Adding indoor plants does not only brighten up your living space, but it also offers a lot of health benefits like purifying the air you breathe, improving your mood, and it also helps your mental health. Just don’t forget to give them the right amount of sunlight and water.


Another interior style we’re digging right now is the Grandmillennial, and we want to share it on our Instagram living rooms list. The interior style can be described as “stuffy” or “old-school,” but it’s actually beautiful and chic. It’s an interior look that really evokes ‘home.’

Art Deco

A mixture of two time eras, the 1920s and 1930s, but with a modern twist. Animal prints, geometric patterned rug, textures, striking and bold colors, and large painting makes this space glamorous, elegant, functional, and modern.

There you have it, folks! Our 20 Instagram living rooms we can’t get enough of! Learn more about interior design tips and trends at Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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