The 7 Biggest & Stylish Living Room Trends in 2021

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Whether your goal is to completely revamp your living room for the new year or simply refresh it, here are the stylish living room trends in 2021 to help you craft the perfect space!

If the kitchen is the soul of the home, the living room is the heart because it’s where you bond with your family and spend most of your time together, especially these past few months since concerts, parties, and trips are all canceled. Additionally, you might also be using your living room as your home office. Since it’s one of the most-trafficked rooms in your home, and it’s used in so many different ways, we think that it’s about time to give it a makeover to make it more comfortable, inviting, and full of style. Plus, design enthusiasts would completely agree with us when we say the living room is the ideal space to put 2021 interior trends to the test.

Interior design experts are sharing the stylish living room trends in 2021 to help you give your living room the fresh start and TLC it deserves.

Art Deco Inspired

Designer Alexander Doherty shared in an interview with MyDomaine that Art Deco-inspired living rooms will be one of the most popular living room trends in 2021 since the design works very well in contemporary décor because of its sleek minimalism and pureness of lines.

It’s a style that will incorporate itself very easily into homes with little architecture. It is key to be able to give a nod to the past while utilizing modern elements and mix what is old and new to give a space character.”

Create a unique layered living room by combining different materials, styles, and time periods that perfectly reflects the traditional luxury look of Art Deco, such as bold color, decadent detailing, geometric patterns, metallic finishes, symmetrical designs, and tons of visual drama. However, if you want it a lot less elaborate and more liveable than traditional Art Deco style, incorporate a few Art Deco touches, such as Art Deco-inspired vases or wall art.

Bold Furniture

According to Rodney Hammond, director of e-commerce merchandising for Raymour & Flanigan, armchairs and couches will become statement pieces. So don’t be surprised if you start seeing big florals and bold patterns since these all add a cheerful and cozy vibe to the living room. It’s also a great idea to mix and match patterns, as long as you stick to a single color, like Aegean Teal.

Cozy and Warm

Designer Isabel Ladd predicts that one of the living room trends in 2021 will be designing a cozier, more inviting, and more livable space for your family and entertaining space for guests and loved ones. “As families spend more time at home, living rooms will not be rooms to just look pretty, but really to live in. Therefore, plush, cozy sofas and chairs, accessories that really define the people who live there, and environments that really say, ‘Come and live here, because you’ll be spending a lot more time here.’

The key to designing a living room that’s both fun, relaxed, and sophisticated? Pick a comfy seating. Don’t forget that the materials need to be casual but clean.

Full-Wall Gallery Walls

We are taking the gallery wall to the next level in 2021. Sheyna Vilson, the owner of Sheyna James Interiors, shared in an interview with MyDomaine that people are going to really embrace full-wall gallery walls to tell stories. She added, “Investing in art, displaying décor from travels, and or displaying work of their own work creates a curated vibe that will transcend any trend—it brings personality to the space. For families with kids, this could help bring some fun to the walls and encourage their kids to hang art on the wall instead of write on them.”

Aside from bringing personality to the space, a gallery wall can also be a statement-maker in your living room. Try mixing and matching frames to make it look more visually interesting. Also, consider hanging art that means something to you to make it more meaningful.

Lived-In Luxury

Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas, founder of Interiors by Design, shared that what was once the living room has become the ‘lived in’ room because families are all home together in the living room most of the day. So one of the living room trends in 2021 is to create a much more a relaxing space where you can eat meals and work or where your children can attend virtual classes.

Monolithic Fireplaces

Beth Dotolo and Carolina V Gentry, co-founders of Pulp Design Studios, said that monolithic fireplaces are starting to trend again, and we will see more of it in 2021. “Fireplaces always have a moment, but understated design elements that are a bit quieter helping add a sense of tranquility to a room.” We completely agree with her!

Natural Materials

Liana Thomson, EQ3 accessories product developer, shared in an interview with MyDomaine that natural colors, materials, and textures will be one of the living room trends in 2021 since it helps create a space that makes us feel calm, cozy, and warm. She suggested adding hand woven wool rugs for comfort and warmth, displaying natural stone bowls on your coffee table for a timeless feel, and raw terracotta vases for your flowers and indoor plants. You can also add hand-woven throws, leather chairs, rattan furniture, seagrass baskets for storage, and wood materials to make the space cozier and more inviting. Don’t forget to add home scents like essential oils on pine cones.

We hope that these living room trends will help and inspire you to make the most of the space you have and craft a functional and stylish living room you’ll be happy to spend in 2021! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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