Cozy Living Room: 25 Simple Ideas and Tips

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25 simple ideas and tips for a warm and cozy living room.

We all love the idea of a warm and cozy living room where you can spend quality time with family and friends. So, we’ve gathered 25 simple tips and ideas to make your living room cozy, comfortable, and inviting. Let’s get started!

Cozy Living Room

Add Throw Blankets

Yes, adding a throw blanket here and there adds color, texture, and warmth to your living room. Also, experts say that it feels more cozy and homey when there’s a blanket on hand to curl up with when the weather gets a little chilly.

Add Bold Artwork

Or create your own gorgeous gallery wall in your living room. Don’t be afraid to display your paintings. Be proud. No one’s gonna judge you. It’s your living room anyway. A single sculpture or painting can become the focal piece of a warm and cozy living room.

Cozy Living Room

Add Bookshelves and Books

Personally, I love living rooms that look like libraries. I can spend all day sitting on the sofa with tons and tons of books to read. Since bookshelves take up a big amount of wall space, so they’re easy to add to your living room. Plus, it makes an architectural statement to the room.

Cozy Living Room

Add Personal or Family Photos

Or you can transform an empty wall into a living gallery of your family’s best memories. Adding your family photos, friends, and even dogs can make your living room feel warm and inviting. Also, it adds a personal touch to your living room because it makes you feel that the place is yours.

Cozy Living Room

Area Rug

A cozy living room isn’t just about the sofa. It’s also about adding rugs to the room. It doesn’t necessarily mean you should get yourself a 70’s style shag carpeting. An area rug with a viscose fabric or another high-pile material will transform your living room.

Add Warmer Tones to Your Color Pallet

Painting your living room with warm tones like mustard yellow, tangerine, or soft blue makes the space warm and cozy.

Add Something Quirky and Unexpected

Add quirky, weird, and unique pieces of furniture or maybe souvenir you got from a trip as accents. You can also replace paint with a bright floral wallpaper or with an animal print wallpaper. This gives personality to your living room, and it will make the space feel inviting and fun.

Create Seating Groups

If you have a large living room, creating more intimate seating groups with armchairs and love seats will make the room cozier.

Cozy Living Room

Decorate with Flowers

Adding floral is a great way to add warmth and life to a living room. Just don’t forget to give them plenty of sunlight and love.

Cozy Living Room

Don’t Leave Your Mantel Bare

Experts say that decorating your mantel makes your living room feels homey and inviting. Plus, it adds creativity and color to the room. You can add a pot of plants, books, or a unique wall clock to make the area look interesting.

Expand Your Curtains Floor to Ceiling

A technique most designers use to make the room taller and bigger. It’s also an excellent way to add warm colors to your cozy living room.

Comfortable Lighting

A cozy living room is a place where you can unwind at the end of a tiring day. Experts say that adding dimmers can create a serene, relaxing vibe.

Add Throw Pillows

A couch is not a couch without pillows. That should be illegal. Kidding! Seriously, if you want a cozy living room, add two throw pillows on either side of the couch, but it depends on you if you want to add a few more. I mean, who doesn’t love to sleep on the couch with lots of throw pillows?

Cozy Living Room

Group Similar Items Together

When designing a living room, keep decors with similar shape or style together. This makes your living room look balanced and interesting.

Layer Materials and Patterns

To create a visually interesting living room, choose complementary patterns and materials. This will keep your guests’ eyes moving, and they’ll keep discovering something new to focus on.

Natural Light

Personally, a bright living room looks cozier, warmer, and inviting compared to dark living rooms. It doesn’t matter what the size of your living room is as long as you can keep your windows as uncovered as possible to let natural light in.

Cozy Living Room

Paint Your Walls Two-Toned

Experts say that painting your living room several inches from the ceiling can make your room feel a bit smaller. It’s best to paint a few inches onto your ceiling because this can make the room feel more spacious.

Cozy Living Room

Add Tall Potted Plants

For a cozy living room, add tall plants like Bird of Paradise, Monstera, Fiddle Leaf Fig, or Snake Plants. This also helps take up empty corners or spaces in the area.

To learn how to keep your plants alive, you can check out this blog we created for plant parents and beginners.

Cozy Living Room

Trade Coffee Tables for Oversized Ottomans

There’s nothing like putting your feet up at the end of a tiring day. A soft, plush ottoman is a perfect place to kick back and relax your feet. Also, you can add a tray or a bunch of magazines, and your ottoman will double as a coffee table. Some ottomans have storage too.

Use Console Table As Divider

Experts say that console tables can act as dividers to separate areas of an open-concept living room or to separate seating arrangements.

Cozy Living Room

Conceal Your TV

Finally, you can hide your TV using bifold-panel painting. It doesn’t just conceal your TV, it also adds a gorgeous art decor in the room. Oh, swivel chairs are a must.

Cozy Living Room

Add Candles

Decorate your living room with a chandelier with candles for a rustic vibe or add them to your mantel. It’s not only cozy, but it’s romantic too. It’s best to use flameless candles just to be safe.

Cozy Living Room

Add A Rocking Chair

Personally, I love sitting on my grandma’s rocking chair and falling asleep. Take a risk and add a rocking chair. It doesn’t have to look like your grandma’s old rocking chair. There are lots of super chic and fun designs you can choose from the Urban Outfitters.

Cozy Living Room

Statement Ceiling

This is not just an interior trend this 2020, but painting or decorating your ceiling really does make the room cozier and brighter.

Build A Home Bar

When in doubt, add a home bar. Yes, trust us. A home bar gives a nice depth to the living room. Plus, it makes entertaining guests super easy.

There you go, folks! We hope that these ideas and tips will make your living room cozy and warm. If you’re looking for more interior design tips and trends, you can check out Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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