5 Free Living Room Décor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

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Make your living room feel its best without spending a dime with these free living room décor ideas!

As we get closer to spring, we are all looking for ways to freshen up our space, particularly our living room since it’s where we spend most of our time during this pandemic. It’s where we work, eat, and spend time with our pets or family. We also know that not everyone has the budget for a living room makeover, so we thought of creative free living room décor ideas to refresh your space. Yes, it’s possible! They are all simple and easy ideas that will instantly brighten up your living space.

Clear the Clutter

OK, before you get excited with your living room makeover or add anything new, start with decluttering and organizing the space first. Clearing the clutter and putting every item in its proper place or storage can instantly make your living space feel brand-new. Add storage baskets and bins for a clutter-free and stylish living space.

Style Your Coffee Table

One of the free living room décor ideas is to rearrange or style your coffee table. Make it functional and stylish by adding a vase of flowers or small indoor plants, coffee table books, or a tray of candles and books.

Experiment With the Layout

Most of the time, rearranging the furniture can instantly transform the space from drab to fab! Experiment with the layout using a pen, paper, and tape. Draw several layout options and measure your furniture to check if it will fit the spot. It’s best to position your couch or sofa facing the door to see who goes in and out of your home.

Cover Up Your Old Sofa

OK, this is not completely a free living room décor idea, but if you have a sofa cover then that’s awesome. However, you can also use a blanket or throw to drape over your couch or sofa.

Hang Your Curtains High

Giving your living room more light by hanging your curtains higher. Another trick is to make sure that the curtain rod is wide enough that it extends outside of the window frame. Plus, it makes the ceiling look higher.

Pretty easy and simple, right? Try out these free living room décor ideas this weekend. Trust us, it will make your space feel new without spending a dime. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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