7 Budget-Friendly Tips to Make Your Living Room Look Expensive

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News flash: You don’t have to go broke to make your living room look expensive. Give these budget-friendly tips to make your living space look trendy and ritzy.

Many of us want an Instagram-worthy living room, but we all know that requires a lot of moolah. That’s why we searched for budget-friendly tips to turn your living room into a chic and elegant space. Of course, it’s possible! Trust us, these tips will make your living room look like you’ve just won the lottery.

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Bring in Houseplants

Adding lush plants and vases of colorful blooms can always make the space look fresh and classy. Choose tall indoor plants to make a statement and place vases of flowers on side tables or style it with stacks of books on your coffee table. Cheap and stylish idea, right?

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Decorate With Antiques

Antiques can add personality and story to your living space. It could make the space look lived-in and loved. Search for antique pieces on Facebook Marketplace or flea markets. Choose antique pieces that’ll go perfectly well with your style and current furniture pieces.

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Hang Large Scale Modern Art

One of the tips to make your living room look expensive is to hang a large-scale modern art. It could instantly make a room look chic and polished. You could either search for minimalist modern art online, shops, or do it yourself if you’re feeling artsy.

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Incorporate Classy Textiles

Make your living room look and feel expensive with luxe textiles made of velvet or boucle. But you don’t have to spend so much on these items. Target or Walmart sell velvet throws that you could buy at an affordable price.

Mix and Match

Mix highs and lows to make your living room look expensive and well-decorated. For example, pair expensive lighting and sofa with cheap but well-designed coffee table, side table, and rug. It’s all about styling and creating balance.

Opt for Dramatic Light Fixtures

A bulb hanging with an exposed cord won’t make your living room expensive. Change your lighting into something glam and dramatic. Make your chandelier the focal point of your living space. Add mod floor lamp or table lamp to the space, as well. A well-lit living room and stylish lighting can instantly make the space look upscale.

Think Monochrome

Have you ever noticed that elegant spaces always have the same color palette? Yes, pros use a monochromatic palette to make it look expensive. Choose a color that’ll make your living room expensive and pair it with shades of white, black, gray, metallics, and wood to achieve a high-end look.

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