6 Living Room Feng Shui Tips for a Balanced Space

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Create a serene space full of good vibes and positive energy with these living room feng shui tips.

OK, you might have noticed that we’re big fans of feng shui here at Omysa. We’re always looking for ways to bring positive energy and good vibes, from your entryway to selecting houseplants! Today, we’re all about creating a serene space with these living room feng shui tips because why not? Aside from it can make the space peaceful, it can also bring in lots of positive energy.

So if you’re just like us, check out these feng shui tips to create a harmonious space.

Minimize Clutter

The first step to create a balanced living space is to minimize clutter. It’s different from getting rid of everything. It means to keep the furniture and items that belong to your living room and keep items that you don’t use all the time at storage baskets or bins. You can also follow Marie Kondo’s advice to keep items that make you feel happy. It’s also a good idea to go minimalist in your living room’s style.

Make the Space Bright

The brighter the room, the better. It’s one of the living room feng shui tips that can uplift your mood and make the space feel cheerful. So open up your curtains and let the light in! If you don’t have large sunny windows, you can opt for different types of lighting, such as the main light of the room and wall sconce or floor lamp.

Choose Earthy Hues

Feng shui experts say that it’s better to paint your living space with earthy hues like green, blue, or brown mixed with white. You can also add touches of yellow or terracotta. It will make the space feel full of energy and warmth.

Pay Attention to Layout

The layout of your living room has an impact on your mood and the overall vibe of the space. Feng shui experts recommend placing your seats facing the door so you can see who is coming and going. If this option is not possible, hang a mirror on the wall to see what’s happening. Plus, mirrors are known to reflect light, which makes the space appear brighter and larger.

Create Balance

The purpose of these living room feng shui tips is to create balance and harmony in your space. For example, if you have a lot of metal accents in your living space, balance it with soft accessories like throw pillows, rugs, and blankets. If the space is too white or neutral, add pops of colors like adding plants in the space.

Add Houseplants

Adding pots of indoor plants can make a space feel fresh and full of life. Plus, there are a lot of plant options, whether you have a small living space or there’s not enough natural light in your home. Adding a pot or two of small indoor plants on your coffee table or a large indoor plant at the corner can liven up your living room.

Design the life you want to live by following these living room feng shui tips. You can also check out our entryway feng shui tips to attract positive energy, home office feng shui tips to boost productivity, or bedroom feng shui tips for a peaceful sleep. We told you, we’re a huge fan of feng shui! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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