10 Cozy and Stylish Reading Nook Ideas

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Grab your soft blanket, make yourself a warm cup of coffee (or iced coffee), and get inspired with these cozy reading nook ideas.

Question: can reading get more fun? Answer: YES by creating your own book nook or also known as a reading nook. Trust us, you must have your own reading nook, especially if your reading list is longer than your to-do list. It’s one of the most rewarding interior decisions I made in my life.

Yes, the right book might make reading more fun, but a chic and cozy reading nook will definitely do it. I know that anywhere you read can become a book nook, but it’s certainly nice to include a reading nook in your home, whether it’s in your bedroom, living room, or end of the hallway. A reading nook serves as your comfort space from a stressful day and a motivation to get started on that big pile of books (ehem!).

Today, we’ve collected these reading nook ideas that will work for any space. Warning: These dreamy reading nook ideas will make it impossible for you to put your book down. Plus, check out our decor recommendations for each style!

Bright Reading Nook

First on our list of reading nook ideas is to spruce up a corner of your home, where you will receive a LOT of natural light while reading your book. Bonus if you have a great view. Design it with a modern floor lamp and a stylish yet cozy chaise lounge. You can also add a chic side table for your coffee and books.

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Transform an Odd Room

Leanne Ford transformed this odd basement corner into a simple yet classy reading nook. You can definitely do this easy DIY reading nook idea at your home. It doesn’t have to be your basement corner, even an awkward and empty corner of your hallway or bedroom can be a stylish reading nook. All you need is a can of paint, floor cushions or pillows, a pendant light or lamp, and a small table to place your coffee and books. Add a cozy rug to complete the look.

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Alcove Reading Nook

Design an alcove into a cozy reading nook. You can recreate this reading nook idea by building some storage space for your books and lamp. Add a comfy cushion, pillows, blanket, and you’re all set to start your reading list.

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Peaceful Blue Nook

Create a reading nook by your home’s window. It doesn’t have to be big and fancy. A tiny reading nook is also perfect as long as you can read your book comfortably.

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Scandinavian Chic

Recreate this Scandinavian chic reading nook idea by keeping your space minimal. Add cozy textiles, like a faux sheepskin rug and an area rug.

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Hanging Reading Nook

One of my favorite reading nook ideas on the list is this boho-chic nook. You can also create a boho-chic reading nook with an easy DIY hammock chair.

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Makeshift Nook

If your home doesn’t have any leftover space for you to create a reading nook, then you can blend it in your living room or bedroom’s interior. Simply add a chic chaise lounge that can serve double duty as a cozy seating area in your living room or add a cozy chair and ottoman in your bedroom’s corner or beside your bed.

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Small but Mighty

Next on our reading nook ideas list is to create a small but cozy nook. If you have an unused tiny space in your home, you can customize it and create a reading nook by adding a reading bench and cozy throw pillows.

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Hallway Reading Nook

A classy yet cozy reading nook at the end of your hallway. It’s also one of my favorite reading nook ideas because it’s simple and easy to recreate. All you need is a can of white paint, a sleek reading light, a soft area rug, and a comfy chair to enjoy your book. Add your favorite artworks on the wall to complete the look. If you can’t fit a side table on the space, you can simply stack-up your books on the floor.

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Surround It With Books

Lastly, on our reading nook ideas is to create a nook surrounded by books. I think this is the best kind of reading nook. You can add a cozy chair beside your bookshelf, or you can go for a customized wall-to-wall bookshelves, just like how Elizabeth Cooper designed this nook.

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That’s a wrap for our list of chic and cozy reading nook ideas. We hope that these reading nook ideas will inspire you to create your very own reading nook to escape to. A space where you can sit, take a breath, and unwind with a good cup of coffee and book. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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