10 Fun and Functional Playroom Ideas Kids Will Love

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From at-home climbing walls to epic arts and crafts stations, it’s time to have some fun with these playroom ideas that kids and grown-ups will definitely love.

Trust us, the playroom is by far the most fun room in the house—literally. Every kid wished to have a playroom (even adults, too). So, today, we’re going to create fun and functional playrooms, no matter your home’s size or style.

From simple arts and craft station ideas to over-the-top and sophisticated playroom, these playroom ideas will be a place your family can enjoy.

Playroom & Bedroom in One

Create a cute and fun playroom in your kid’s bedroom, just like this bedroom/playroom by HAO Design in this Tapei apartment. I’m pretty sure every little girl dreamed of having a charming playhouse with a small kitchen to play with her dolls and friends. All you need is a little creativity to achieve the look.

Create Different Zones

Next on our playroom ideas list is to create different zones, especially if you have a small room. Every kid wants a slide in their bedroom or playroom (even adults, too), but if you don’t have enough space for a slide, it’s best to install an indoor swing. Kids love to swing, as well. You can also add a mini arts and craft station. Plus, add floor pillows to make the room comfy.

  1. Oeuf Play Chairs (Set of 2) | 2. Oeuf Play Table | 3. Yvette Pommed Jute Rug | 4. Double Swing – Hatteras Hammocks | 5. Holden Lounge Chair | 6. Shoshana Square Floor Pillow

Big Kids Playroom

Next on our playroom ideas list is to consider the age of your kid when creating a playroom. Adding a basketball hoop can be chic and fun, just like this playroom designed by Emily Henderson. She added a drum set, swing, and floor pillows to make the space cozy and more pleasant for the kids who use the space.

Build a Fort

Kids love building forts (grown-ups, too), so why not build a real fort they don’t have to dismantle? Yes, create a fort as your kid’s playroom. Place a daybed and fairy lights to make the space look magical.

  1. Monte Opie Childrens Chair | 2. On The Savanna Wallpaper | 3. Cabina Daybed | 4. Sweedi Kids Table and Chairs Set Elephant Gray | 5. Isidora Hilo Tufted Rug | 6. Indira Cotton Throw Pillow

Convert a Tiny Attic

Next on our playroom ideas list is to transform a tiny attic into a fun playroom by decorating it with your kid’s favorite toys. Plus, since it’s a small space, it’s best to make the room bright by sticking to a neutral palette, just like this playroom designed by Emily Henderson. One more fun thing about this playroom is it’s designed for kids only starting from the door. Adults can only come if they crawl through. Pretty unique, huh?

Maximize the Space

If you don’t have extra space for your kid’s playroom, then maximize the space you have by using every nook and cranny of your home, just like playroom designed by Emily Henderson. Create a little reading nook in the stairwell, place a cozy area rug and floor pillows to make the space comfortable, and create a climbing wall to make the space fun for your kids.

Get Creative

Got limited space? Then think out of the box when designing a playroom for your little one. Be creative, and use your five walls strategically. Yes, that includes decorating your ceiling with a fun patterned wallpaper, a gallery wall of your kid’s drawing, and a shelf of books and toys. Don’t forget to place a comfy area rug and some floor pillows, as well.

  1. Oeuf Mini Library | 2. Cascade Marine Wallpaper | 3. Vinderöd Rug | 4. Abstract V Framed Art | 5. Animal Adventure Giant Elephant | 6. Round Pintuck Pillow

Think From a Kid’s Perspective

Next on our playroom ideas list is to decorate from your little one’s perspective, just like this playroom for a toddler. Hang a cute wall art and place DIY storage for his books and toys.

  1. Offi BBox Stacking Shelves | 2. Rhona Jute Floor Pillow | 3. Sönderöd Rug | 4. West Elm X PBK Giraffe Wall Art | 5. Animal Planet Sitting Tiger Plush | 6. Kitty Catch-All Basket

Use Space Strategically

Next on our playroom ideas list is to use the space strategically to create a playroom that your kids will love like this bedroom/playroom in a Manhattan apartment designed by Studio DB. You can recreate this look by installing a double bunk bed with a desk.

Keep It Sweet and Simple

Lastly, on our playroom ideas list to keep it sweet and simple by placing a desk for an arts and crafts station. Let your child decorate the rest of the place with his/her imagination. It’s also best to choose furniture that can be used or repurposed once the kids get older, just like this playroom space designed by Hecker Guthrie.

  1. GAN Rugs Espacio Raw Rug | 2. Darling Bear Music Box | 3. Ultimate Art Easel | 4. Kids Windsor Wooden Activity Table | 5. Delta Children Homestead Chair Set | 6. Smoko Corgi Light

That’s a wrap for our fun and functional playroom ideas. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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