14 Interior Design Tips for Decorating Your Home

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Get inspired to decorate the home of your dreams with these interior design tips.

The idea and process of decorating your home can be exciting, but it also has its fair share of challenges like the lack of natural light because your windows are not big enough or your place is too small. Whenever homeowners encounter these kinds of problems, they easily lose that motivation to decorate. However, instead of looking at it as problems, use it as inspiration to push through and decorate the home of your dreams.

Interior designer Jacinta Preston shared 14 interior design tips for home decorating whatever your budget or how small your place is, she has quick and easy tips to make your home look more inviting. Get ready to take notes, and let’s get started!


Find Your Interior Design Style

First on our interior design tips is finding your interior decorating style. If you search on Google, Instagram, and Pinterest, there are a LOT of interior design styles, from modern to dark Scandinavian. It’s a bit overwhelming. Jacinta Preston recommended the “Style & Error” technique to solve this problem.

Basically, “Style & Error” is all about repeated, varied attempts, until you find the interior style that is right for you, and that reflects your personality. It’s also about mixing and matching different interior styles. She also added that this method changes throughout your life because each new life phase or new property will force you to reinvent your ideas on style, which makes decorating fun and exciting.

Layer Your Lighting

Jacinta Preston shared that great interiors have a variety of layered lighting that can be individually controlled for different times of the day, events or moods. Normally, rooms require three types of lighting: generalaccent, and task. So, what are the differences between these three?

General lighting is the usual light you use in your room. Accent lighting is used to emphasize the features of your room like your art collection. Task lighting is your study lamps or reading lights. This can be adjusted and moved in different directions. She also advised to try and use a variety of lights and lamps in your room, preferably all fitted with dimmers.


Create a Design Brief

The process of decorating your own home can be a bit overwhelming and stressful. To make things easier, one of the interior design tips is creating a design brief or a long wish list that centers on the result of the design. In other words, your design brief is your scope of works that need to be completed. It also includes the budget, timeline, and shopping list for your home. Preston suggested that it’s easier to prepare a design brief room by room.

Draw Inspiration From Different Sources

Hello, Instagram and Pinterest! But that’s not the only sources you should use. Preston likes to brainstorm ALL of her options whenever she designs homes. She suggested that you can draw inspiration from travel magazines, journals, and trade shows. This helps her keep updated with new products and materials, and even design ideas.

Make Good Use of Samples

According to Preston, samples are a very useful tool, especially at the beginning of a project, because they represent possible options, a collection of ideas that are worthy of consideration. In addition, she also explained that as the project develops, the samples represent a record of selections.

Preston advised that you always try and keep TWO samples. The first sample is a “working sample” used to reference color and texture as the project develops, while the other sample needs to stay in the master file. This sample will enable you to access the all-important code and color numbers when you need to.


Try Before You Buy

Nowadays, people prefer to shop for home decors online, but one of the interior design tips of Preston is “try before you buy,” and it’s very applicable to rugs and artwork because it can make or break a space. She further added that it’s impossible to make a great rug selection without first viewing it. Trying home furniture allows you to buy what you like and create the perfect room around it.

Understand Your Space

For you to really understand the size of your home, and to figure out what you need, and how you should arrange or decorate the space, Preston suggested to mock it up within a large room. You can include the main furniture by using real pieces or by using masking tape and chalk.


Consider Furniture and Flow

Preston advised studying the possible movement patterns on your floorplans by using different colors to track possible routes. Also, we suggest that rearranging the furniture in your home can dramatically improve the space making it easy to move around.


Spend Time (and Money) on Cushion Selection

For this interior design tip to work, you need more time and a larger budget. According to Preston, symmetry tends to work well in bedrooms and lounge rooms. Sometimes, it means fewer cushions, which is great news for people with a limited budget, but it also means “Style & Error,” which will make you spend just to get it right.

Preston added that cushion colors need to relate to something else in the room, and she strongly recommended to play with pattern. Although be careful not to overdo it. It’s ideal to work within just one or two same color palettes. Place larger cushions at the back, and layered forward to create a mix.

The Secret Behind Good Curtains

We can’t emphasize this enough, but to make your place more spacious, use full-height curtains and take the rod or track right to the ceiling.


Chairs Can Defy the Rules

One of the interior design tips of Preston is that chairs that you use can either make or break the space in your home. Preston shared that chairs are the perfect design tool to add sass to any interior. It goes well on really big-ticket items like sofas, rugs, fake fur, and dining tables.

Clear the Clutter

We heard this tip a LOT of times. Always keep your home clean and organized. Keep the things that are both functional and beautiful. Throw out the stuff that doesn’t spark joy like what Marie Kondo always says.

If You Want Good Storage, Build It

If you have a small home, it’s important to use every space effectively. Preston shared an inspiring home display, which is joinery. You can build bookshelves or storage displays units to fit precisely into your home.

Get Extra Fabric For Your Dream Sofa or Chair

Always order an extra 3 or 4 meters of sofa fabric. Preston explained that this is your insurance policy if ever the unthinkable happens, you will be able to re-cover a couple of large base or back cushions.

There you have it. We hope that these 14 interior design tips shared by Jacinta Preston will help you efficiently decorate your home. Learn more about interior decor tips and trends at Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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