20 Interior Design Trends To Transform Your Home This 2020

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Discover the top 20 interior design trends that will inspire you to transform your home this 2020.

New year, new home? Well, not exactly. However, if you’re looking for a fresh start, then this is the perfect time to revamp your home with these 2020 interior design trends. Trust us, our crystal ball, showed us the future (also, we saw these trends on Instagram and Pinterest).

But seriously, these trends are from expert interior and furniture designers. According to them, 2020 will be a decade of creativity and giving back to mother nature by using wooden furniture or buying decors created from recycled materials.

Also, we’ve added some tips and tricks to help you decorate and design your home, no matter the size of your place or your budget is. Let’s get started!


Classic Blue

Yes, that’s right. Classic Blue is the new gray, not just because we saw it on our crystal ball, but according to Pantone. It instills calm, confidence, and connection. It’s simple yet elegant. Plus, it’s totally versatile. You can combine this color in any room of your home. Indeed, you can never go wrong with a classic interior.

Want blue decor inspiration for your home? Check out Apartment Guide’s blog about decorating your home with classic blue.


Think Pink

Think pink, think pink, it’s the latest white you know (thanks, Funny Face). Yes, pink is also definitely back this year. Interior designers are suggesting various shades of pink to decorate your room. Some of the shades are blush, bronze, millennial pink, taupe, and other light pink shades that will blend well in a neutral room. Avoid using tones that will make your home look like Barbie’s.

Garden Home

One of the interior design trends that millennials are transforming their homes: houseplants.

Growing and caring for houseplants has been a trend since 2017, but it has become more popular this 2020. A lot of millennials are “urban wilding” (decorating) their places with houseplants and transforming it into an “urban rain forest” or “jungalow.”

If you’re planning to try this trend and go green, you can start with snake plants. It’s perfect for new plant parents because it’s low-maintenance, and it’s an air purifying plant.

Grow your plant knowledge and go check out our plant care blogs.


I have forever been a fan of velvet furniture ever since I was a kid. I loved our black velvet sofa. It was pure luxury, and I’m excited that velvet is going to be one of the interior design trends this 2020. Interior designers are seeing velvet sofas in vibrant blues, burnt orange, and pinks as a trend this year and into the next. It’s safe to say that velvet furniture will be a must-have decor this 2020.


Floral Wallpaper

Another throwback-turned-contemporary interior design trend this 2020: floral wallpapers. I remember our old pink embossed floral wallpaper in our old home. It made the whole place chic and classy. This 2020, floral wallpaper will be designed with more vibrant colors like green or yellow and contrasting colors to make your home’s walls stand out.



Minimalism left the group. Not to brag, but we did have a suspicion that maximalism will soon be recognized by interior designers this 2020. Big, bold, vibrant colors, plenty of patterns, and flashy furniture pieces. Maximalism lets you express your individuality without rules nor limits.


Back to The 70s

2020 is bringing the 70s back. You heard that right, Gen X babies. Yes, you’ll be seeing more vibrant colors like oranges, yellows, and rusty reds, animal prints, fringe home decor, and houseplants. Interior designers predicted that this style will start to replace Boho and Mid-century interiors.


Statement Ceilings

Because making your walls pop isn’t enough, 2020 is also about taking risks and aiming high. Seriously, with your ceilings. Interior designers advised that instead of sticking to neutral tones for your ceiling, try decorating it with a color that contradicts your walls like emerald green or rusty orange.


Classicism is back! Personally, I’m thrilled to see this style being revived. You don’t have to take this interior trend seriously. Combine it with any contemporary design. You’re free to experiment and to play around until you get that perfect look for your home.

Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Ah, this interior design trend reminds me of my grandma’s house. “Rattan/wicker is having a resurgence; it warmly reminds me of my childhood and has evolved in fresh and exciting ways whether, in chairs, tables, or lighting, it is the perfect layer to balance modern and traditional style.” — Nicole Fuller of Nicole Fuller Interiors

Upholstered Walls

One of the interior design trends that will surely be seen in bedrooms this year: upholstered walls. According to Penny Drue Baird of dessins, LLC, “If you want to make a statement, we much prefer an upholstered wall to a tall headboard. This can be either a half wall of upholstery or it can be the entire wall applied in a variety of patterns.


Concealed Kitchen

Concealing your ENTIRE kitchen is becoming a design trend this 2020. A clean and smart interior style for small spaces, and it’s also perfect for open plan kitchen diners.


Curved Sofas

Velvet + Curved sofa = (according to Chandler Bing) Perfection! This 2020, we’ll get to see some 60s home decor like this curved sofa but with a modern twist.


Darker, Moodier Scandi Interior

Classic Scandi-style, but make it dark. This trend is the gothic twin of the white and bright Scandi-style. If you’re into the Scandinavian interior, then this trend is perfect to transform your home. Personally, I love this trend because I’ve been seeing the same color palette for Scandinavian style these past few years, and it’s getting a bit dull. So, if you’re also tired of the typical Scandinavian interior, then this darker and moodier classic Scandinavian interior is perfect for you.


Biophilic Interior

A new interior design trend this 2020 is biophilic style. According to Becky Shea of Becky Shea Design, “In a world where technology is evolving at the speed of light, we often forget about our primitive roots connected with earth and the benefits that nature has on our overall psyche. We believe that increasing our connectivity to nature directly or indirectly through biophilic design has health, environmental, and economic benefits. Adding a living wall or a low-maintenance biomontage wall to a little corner of your home makes your space beautiful while improving mental health and the overall ecosystem. It’s simpler than you think, and the benefits are plentiful!


Neotenic Furniture and Accessories

This cutesy furniture in adult-size is becoming one of the interior design trends this 2020. This museum-worthy furniture can make your home look luxurious and playful. According to Architectural Digest, the essence of neotenic forms, after all, is that their soft and round appearance elicits a positive emotional response. Brb, gonna buy me a Baby Bear Armchair.


Multi-Functional Spaces

I bet you have heard of “cloffice” or closet office (my top Pinterest search). Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design said that more of her clients are opting to take back wasted space in their home offices. “A closet can easily be combined with an office since both spaces are able to disappear behind doors when not in use. A flexible workspace and fashion-forward decor help to blend these two functions seamlessly into a space that is both inspiring and productive!

Check out this blog by Apartment Therapy on how to design a cloffice in your home. Good luck!


Grandmillennial Style

When I first heard of the word grandmillennial, I thought of millennials (including myself) living in a granny interior home. Sounds perfect! Wait, but who are grandmillennials?

I think a ‘grandmillennial’ is really a ‘New Traditionalist’—someone who has an appreciation for the past,” explains Manhattan-based interior designer Ariel Okin, 28. “It’s someone who references the work of legendary designers like Billy Baldwin and Nancy Lancaster and Albert Hadley, who realizes the staying power of good, well-edited design while putting their own fresh spin on it to make it feel updated and unique.”

Are you a grandmillennial? Take this quiz to find out!

Earth Tones

Say hello to the new earth tones of this year: chocolate brown, olive green, wine, and yellow ochre. These colors will surely make your home warmer and more welcoming.


Mix Old and New

Just because it’s 2020, doesn’t mean you have to throw out your old stuff. Mixing and matching old and new is one of the interior design trends this year. Similar to maximalism, this style has no rules. Get comfortable, display that antique vase you got from a trip, and let your interior style tell your story.

Hope that these interior design trends will inspire you to transform your home and give you a fresh start this 2020. Learn more about interior design styles in our blog.

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