24 Easy DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas

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Trick out your home with these Halloween decorating ideas that are frightfully good!

Where my witches at? Because it’s finally time to decorate your home for Halloween! No, it’s never too early to get ready for Halloween. Trust us, if you want to make your home the perfect balance of scary yet stylish, now is the time to prepare your decor and design layout. Plus, it’s only once a year, so why not go all out to impress party guests and trick-or-treaters?

From spooking up your front porch to a creepy mantel, we have LOTS of Halloween decorating ideas — creepy, cute, funny, and terrifying — that will surely inspire you. Plus, the good news is you don’t have to cast a spell because our Halloween decorating ideas are easy to do alone or with your little ghouls and goblins!

So are you ready to become the ghostess with the mostess? Because you will definitely be the talk of the town with these Halloween decorating ideas!

Bookshelf Critters

Your bookshelf is the perfect hiding place for little black Halloween mice. Not real mice, though, because I’d also jump and scream. To recreate this, print out mouse templates onto black paper or trace onto black cardstock, and cut with scissors. You can tape them on books or stick them at the back of the bookshelf.

Broom Chandelier

Adding to our list of Halloween decorating ideas is the Witch’s Broom Chandelier by Country Living. It adds a wicked ambiance and texture to your dining room. To recreate the look, start with a plain broom, then fill mason jars with black sand and battery-operated black candles, and attach them to one side of the broom with black twine. Lastly, to sweep guests off their feet, add a black faux feline on top of the other side with black wire.

Bubbling Cauldron

Make your Halloween party festive by adding a spooky fog with Bubbling Cauldron. It’s super easy and fast to do! Use a cast-iron Dutch oven, add dry ice and a little water. You’re all set! A terrific decor idea you shouldn’t mist (LOL).

Creepy Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the talk of the neighborhood this Halloween? Duh, you are! Especially if you have this Creepy Mirror by Woman’s Day, which is next on our list of Halloween decorating ideas. We swear that it’s a breeze to recreate. Plus, it will cost you less than $40. You will need double-sided tape, glass cleaner, and a matte finish spray.

First, tear letters out of newspaper, then lay them on the mirror with light double-sided tape. Spray the surface with a matte finish spray. Lastly, allow to dry completely, then remove the letters. Once Halloween is over, use the glass cleaner to transform your mirror to look good as new.

Creepy Paintings

Create a Halloween themed gallery wall by cutting out tiny masks for your paintings! It looks creepy and cute at the same time.

Eerie Living Room

One of the easiest and frightening Halloween decorating ideas is to recreate this Eerie Living Room. All you need is a white draped sheet to cover your chairs and to give your living room the look of ruin. Add some “cobweb” made from cheesecloth across a mirror and curly willow branches. Lastly, light up some black candles to complete the look. Your living room will definitely look like a page out of Miss Havisham’s book. Stylish yet creepy.

Halloween Bar Cart

Of course, a Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without the boo-ze (yes, I’m enjoying all the Halloween puns). Create a Halloween Bar Cart by dressing up liquor bottles with retro labels printed on sticker paper. Don’t forget to decorate your bar cart with large ghost and pumpkin helium balloons.

To make it more interesting, make Spider Ice Cubes with an ice cube tray and plastic spiders. Your guests will love it! Be sure to clean the plastic spiders thoroughly. Then, complete the look by adding a boo-ze banner on the wall.

Halloween Candy Door Hanger

Your little ghouls and goblins will absolutely love this Halloween decorating idea by Cherished Bliss. DIY a Halloween Candy Door Hanger by using a chalkboard, half pumpkin, and LOTS of candies and chocolates! Your guests can also treat themselves to a bite.

Halloween Mantel Decor

This Halloween, we’re not going to leave a corner of your home empty, and that includes your mantel. Think of DIY candy corn garland, eerie Halloween spooky houses with black metal lanterns and LED lights, ghostly wine bottles painted with ghostly faces onto them as candlesticks, and pumpkin jar lights. You can stick cutouts of bats on the walls too!

Halloween Tree

Because why not? We think it’s one of the most unique Halloween decorating ideas on our list. Create your own Halloween Tree with Let’s DIY It All by using ribbon, shatterproof ornaments, skull cut-outs, and a white Christmas tree. Simply wrap the ribbon around the tree. Then add the ball ornaments and add the paper skulls. You can also add black branches with bats.

Halloween Wreath

A clever and easy Halloween decor idea is to make a Spider Web Wreath by Good Housekeeping. Fold 2 sheets of black paper accordion-style (about 1.5″ inch folds), and then fold each in half lengthwise. Cut the top of the fold diagonally, so you will have a pointed end when it’s unfolded. Then, cut three rectangles out of the paper, about half an inch apart, on each segment. Once you have folded and cut both sheets of paper, tie them together tightly at their centerfolds. Take each loose edge of folded paper and attach it to the end next to it with glue. In due time, the paper will open up like a web. Amazing, huh?

Hanging Witch Hats

A brilliant and one of the easiest Halloween decorating ideas on our list is this Floating Witch Hat Luminaries by Polkadot Chair. They even light up! Plus, all the materials are cheap and easy to find. You will need a fishing line, hooks, LED light sticks, safety pins, and witch hats. Simply attach hooks to the ceiling, add 2-3 feet of fishing line to the witch hats, secure it with a safety pin, then attach the fishing line to the light stick.

Haunted House

It’s going to be home, scary home with this frightfully delicious haunted house made with candy decorations and chocolate cookie walls. Yummy!

Lantern Post Sign

Your guests won’t definitely get lost with this DIY Halloween Spooky Lantern Sign Post by Mom Endeavors. Go for a black and orange theme, the perfect Halloween colors, and add a faux raven watch guard at the top.

Monster Door

Trust us, you will completely love this furry purple monster with its slithering tongue doormat because we do! It reminded us of Monsters Inc. Plus, it’s easy and fun to do! You will need black paint, faux purple fur, foam halves, foam cones, and red spray paint.

Here are the instructions according to Woman’s Day:

  1. To make eyes, paint black circles on two 8-inch foam half balls; let dry. Paint white highlight. Cut black foam eyelashes and eyebrows.
  2. From 3 yards faux purple fur, cut two 16-inch squares and hot-glue each around a 12-inch foam wreath. Glue eyeballs in center and eyelashes across top. Add a horizontal string across back of each eye for hanging.
  3. Frame door with strips of fur using tacks of hem tape. Use Command Hooks to hang eyes above. Tack or hem tape eyebrows in place.
  4. For teeth, use foam cones, and then attach to top of door frame with hem tape.
  5. Draw and cut tongue shape from floor mat. Spray paint red; let dry.

Mouse in the House

One of my favorite Halloween decorating ideas to scare guests and give them a mini heart attack. Similar to the process of Bookshelf Critters, print out mouse templates onto black paper and cut with scissors. Use tape to stick them in any area of your home.

No Evil Pumpkins

We know what you did last Halloween, but don’t worry because this stacked No Evil Pumpkins won’t tell, so your secrets are safe. Add pairs of faux skeleton arms and Jack-Be-Little pumpkin eyes to make it look cute and realistic.

Paper Bat Display

Next on our list of Halloween decorating ideas is to create a Bat Colony using black felt, hot glue gun, and monofilament line. These floppy felt creatures will flutter when guests walk up and down the stairs. Here is the step-by-step guide by Woman’s Day.

Using a bat template and felt, cut out the shapes for the bat bodies and heads. Tie a 6-inch long piece of monofilament line around the middle of each bat body, letting the ends hang loose. Hot-glue two pieces of range hole-punched paper to the head for eyes, then glue the head onto the middle of the body. Tie the bats to your railings and trim any extra monofilament. You can either hang them or stick them on the side of the stairs.

Personalized Halloween Doormat

Halloween is only once a year, so why not go all out starting from your entryway with a Personalized Halloween Doormat by Good Housekeeping. It’s pretty easy and fun to do with your kids!

Start by downloading this free skull family template, then print out as many faces as you have people in the household. Use an X-Acto knife or craft knife to cut out faces, eyes, noses, and mouths. Then, arrange the faces as you want them to appear on your mat, adding cut-out letters if you wish. Attach the paper to the doormat with folded-up painter’s tape on the back. Then, starting with a little paint at a time, dab paints around the stencil with a foam brush. Continue until the entire mat is covered, and let dry completely before you remove the stencils.

Pumpkin Garland

This is one of the CUTEST Halloween decorating ideas on our list! Plus, they are all ready to party with their tiny hats and tiny pom-pom. How can we not include this? They are just TOO cute to be ignored. You can get the tutorial at Handmade Charlotte. It will surely make your kids and guests smile!

Pumpkin Candy Dispenser

Pumpkins are great as fall decor, but you can also make them a functional Halloween decor by turning them into unique candy dispensers.

Make your own Pumpkin Candy Dispenser with instructions from the Country Living: Trace the bottom of a glass bowl or storage container onto the front of a medium pumpkin. Cut out around tracing, then scoop out pulp and seeds. Insert bowl (make the hole slightly bigger if necessary). Attach a piece of thick rope around the edge of the bowl with hot-glue. Fill the bowl with candy.

Skull Lanterns

Adding to our list of Halloween decorating ideas is this cute and easy to do skull lanterns! Simply cut cute faces out of black paper, and stick them onto white paper lanterns.

Spider Web Plant Hanger

For all the plant parents out there, this Halloween decor idea is for you. Plus, it’s the easiest decor of all! Attach faux spiders all over a macrame plant hanger with craft glue or hot glue. You can add a spider plant to complete the look.

Spooky & Stylish Front Porch

Lastly, on our list of Halloween decorating ideas is to give the front porch a festive and spooky feel with a colorful black and orange rug, piles of pumpkins, and skull lanterns. You can add gnarled faux trees decorated with bats and spider webs too!

We hope that these affordable and festive Halloween decorating ideas will give your home ready for the spookiest day of the year! Happy Halloween, little ghouls and witches!

Want to learn how to decorate your home this fall season? Check out interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog.

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