25 Home Decor Trends to Ditch This 2020

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It’s time to say goodbye and move on from these outdated home decor trends this 2020.

Hello, 2020! This year, we are saying goodbye to a LOT of interior styles and decors that were a trend these past few years like bohemian, modern farmhouse, mid-century modern, all-white interior, wastefulness, and many more.

Yes, you read that right. According to Briana Nix, Decorist’s in-house interior designer, we will be leaving boho and modern farmhouse in 2019. This year will be about modern glam and bold interior styles. Plus, designers agree that eco-friendly, sustainable design and shopping locally is going to become the new trend this 2020.

What other home decor trends do you need to ditch this year? Let’s check it out!

All White Kitchens

Wayfair Professional design manager, Rebecca Breslin said, that we will be leaving all-white kitchens from countertops to cabinets, walls, and floors in 2019. This 2020, “people will be more open to embracing painted doors, contrast trim, and infusing other materials like stained wood or steel into their interior-design concepts,” says Kate Lester of Los Angeles-based Kate Lester Interiors.

To upgrade your all-white kitchen without a major renovation, check out this kitchen trends you must try this 2020.

Bohemian Decor

Yes, we are finally saying goodbye to one of the popular home decor trends of 2019, the bohemian interior style. Lauren Martin of California-based LM Design Associates shared, “Cali lifestyle is more laid back and easygoing than, say, New York City. But even here, there will be a decrease in boho layers and clutter.” People are moving toward a more pared-down, relaxing space that is a bit more casual but still looking clean and refined.

Brass Decors

Interior designer Kendall Wilkinson says, “Brass tones hit the scene several years ago, replacing the popular nickel finish that dominated for so long. But we feel like its time has also come to make way for something new. It has also been wildly overused and now feels trendy as opposed to special.”


Ceiling Mirrors

There was a time when ceiling mirrors were one of the home decor trends you must have in your place, but let’s all agree to leave this home decor in 2019. Plus, it really looks cheesy and vain to have a mirror above your bed or hallway.


Closed Cabinetry

More and more homeowners are paying attention to designing their kitchen, and because of this reason, 2020 is all about open shelves where you can easily showcase kitchen decors and plants. It’s also the same with collector’s cabinets where you can showcase “curiosities, heirlooms, and books in a designated, succinct space,” says Thomas and Hoffpauir.

Cool and Light Neutrals

We are saying goodbye to cool neutrals, especially gray in 2019, and hello to warmer tones this 2020. LeeAnn Baker of Seattle-based LeeAnn Baker Interiors says, “After 10 years with their mad love affair with their gray palette, the people of the Pacific Northwest are shying away from it.”

Lester adds, “Over the past few years, everyone has been all about cool grays and bright, bright whites. I think in 2020, people are going to be open to embracing warmth.”

Curio Cabinets

Ah, curio cabinets. They were used to display anything from figurines to fine china, but designers strongly advised to leave it in 2019.


Edison Bulbs

This was cool before when Thomas Edison came up with the original design, but this design has been in every hip coffee shop from Brooklyn to Portland these past few years, and interior designers are so over it that you need to ditch this home decor trend this 2020.


Modern Farmhouse Style

OK, so we’re kinda confused and doubtful about this one, but interior designer Sara Barney of BANDD DESIGN says, “This one is a bit controversial as it’s still very popular in certain parts of the country, but I think you’ll start to see word art, shiplap, and galvanized tin phase out for more sophisticated materials.” Is it in or out? Well, one thing’s for sure; this home decor trend has been seen and teetering on the edge of being overdone.


Fast Furniture

If there’s such thing as “fast fashion” in the fashion industry, there’s also “fast furniture” in the interior field. Fast furniture is an affordable design that you essentially buy knowing that you’ll toss it in a few seasons. This easy-to-assemble furniture became popular in the mid-1980s and even until now.

However, designers encourage homeowners to think twice before buying because these types of home decors are not so eco-friendly. Amato-Scotto says, “Home furnishings that are detrimental to the Earth were never trending, but budget-friendly and short-life-span furniture has been popularized, which in turn end up in our landfills. As consumers are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and reducing waste, eco-friendly products will be trending.”


Faux Natural Materials

According to Amato-Scotto, look-alike materials such as wood-look porcelain plank tile and faux stone will be off the list of home decor trends this 2020. She also adds, “There’s a time and a place for faux alternatives, but we live in a time where people desire more authenticity—whether that be on social media, real-life, or in the home. Say no to faux, and opt for the real deal, which adds character to your home.”


Fringe And Tassels

This is one of the signature styles of boho interior, from throw pillows to the chandelier. Unfortunately, this home decor trend will be left in 2019 because designers are seeing faux-shearling textiles to trend this 2020. Lance Thomas and Drew Hoffpauir of Louisiana-based Room Service adds, “It’s cozy, comfy, and calming. It incorporates into any space and can be used to any degree — an accent pillow, throw blanket, or an entire chair if one dares.”


Bad news: Hygge is out this 2020. This cozy minimalist interior will be replaced with “a more natural feel” interior space that is more connected with nature and nurtures mental wellness and a sense of calm.

Lone Accent Wall

OK, we’re not completely saying that accent wall is off the list of home decor trends, but designers want more, more, more. In other words, a single accent wall won’t cut it anymore. Amanda Amato-Scotto, CEO and principal designer at AMA Designs & Interiors, added that it’s time to boldly enter the new decade by fearlessly experimenting with paint. Washing all the walls in a bold color—including millwork and trim—is much more powerful and sophisticated. If you love a color enough to paint one wall, go the extra mile by painting the entire room. It’s a design risk worth taking!


Macrame Plant Holders

This was popular back in the 70s, we also did (except for me) loved this home decor, but we’re going to let them go this 2020. Lauren Martin sees concrete pottery to be a big trend this year.


Mid-Century Modern

Wait, before you panic, mid-century-modern style isn’t going away completely in our home decor trends this year. Sara Barney of Austin-based BANDD DESIGN explains, “You are going to start seeing entirely mid-century modern rooms go by the wayside in place of smaller pieces being mixed in with fresher, more comfortable decor. The upholstery is generally very uncomfortable, and I think people are moving more towards softer, cozier lines.”


Minimalist Designs

“Less is more” is so 2019! This 2020, it’s all about maximalist design. Justin Riordan, interior designer, architect, and founder of home staging company Spade and Archer Design Agency, says, “Gone are the days of spaces with as little as possible. Say hello to visual overload. The darling of the design world is maximalism—try solids mixed with stripes, mixed with plaids, and mixed with polka dots. Take all you’ve learned about midcentury modern clean design and throw it to the wind.”


Mudcloth Textiles

According to Martin, African mudcloth patterns will be replaced by Mexican blankets and patterns inspired by South American and East Indian design this 2020.


Neon Word Signs

The neon sign trend is bidding goodbye this 2020. Amato-Scotto says, “While neon signs look cool when illuminated at night or in a moody photo, during the day their effect lacks luster.” She sees backlit art—with a twist—will be a home decor trend this 2020. An example would be the work of Alan Strack, who creates backlit cinematic art with movie film.

Perfectly Matched Spaces

Kate Lester of Los Angeles-based Kate Lester Interiors says, “Long gone are the days of the perfectly matched and over-styled space.” This 2020, designers are encouraging homeowners to create a place that is personal, cozy, and inviting.


Quartz Countertops

Lauren Martin says that the quartz countertop will be ditched this 2020 and replaced by faux marble. Briana Nix agrees and adds that materials with a more organic vibe like concrete will be on the home decor trends this year.


Millennial Pink

Yes, millennial pink is taking its final bow. This 2020, people are embracing earthy and warm colors into their homes like green, classic blue, and warm white.


Word Art

According to Elle Decor’s outdated home decor trends this 2020, rather than settling for a generic piece of word art, take the time to choose something more meaningful that speaks to your aesthetic.

Tone-On-Tone Rooms

Bronwyn Poole of Touch Interiors says people are moving away from all-white and all-gray rooms to inviting more pops of color this year.

Fiber Wall Hangings

Any home decor trends that are connected with the boho interior will be saying goodbye this year. Melanie Fowler of Clos-ette to Elle Decor says that large organic, mirrors are statement pieces that act as both art and decor will replace the boho decors.

That’s a wrap for our 25 home decor trends to ditch this 2020. Ultimately, your home should be a reflection of your personality and aesthetic, not the biggest trends. We simply created this guide to help you keep your home’s interior feeling current. Learn more about interior design tips and trends at Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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