5 Easy Steps to Create a Gallery Wall

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Gather your favorite family photos and artwork because we’re going to create a stylish gallery wall.

We all love gallery walls, and it’s really obvious why. A gallery wall lets you tell your story through a curated collection of photos and artwork. Plus, it transforms a boring wall into a chic and colorful space.

You can create one in your home by hanging your favorite family photos, art, or even your collection of priceless objects, like the key to your first apartment framed in a shadow box.

So, if you want to create an art or photo wall that looks like an interior designer did it, then you’re in the right place. From choosing what photos to display to hanging, we’ll be teaching you today on how to create a stylish gallery wall.

Collect & Choose

Collect photos of your family, pets, friends, places, and photos you want to showcase in your home. You can also collect different artworks and unique objects that have a story, like postcards from favorite vacations or your grandmother’s dishes. Everything qualifies as art.

Think about what you want to hang from your collection, then choose a style. There are two gallery wall styles you can choose from Freshome:

  • Unified: A collection of similar items such as photographs, mirrors or dishes
  • Eclectic: A combination of items such as pictures, objects, and paintings

There are also other ideas like:

  • Baskets
  • Vinyl album covers
  • Framed wallpaper or patterned fabric
  • Empty antique frames on a contrasting color wall
  • Mirrors in different shapes and sizes

Use a large piece of your collection to act as a focal point, then use smaller pieces for contrast. Be creative in selecting what looks best for your gallery wall.

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Have a Theme

Once you have picked the photos or art you want to hang, choose a theme for your gallery wall. For example, a gallery wall of family photos, beautiful places, happy events, or a black and white theme for your black and white interior. You can also create a gallery wall of your favorite artists or a collection of hats or sign decks.

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Odd or Even

Before you hang your photos, decide if odd or even numbers work best. If you’re planning to create a gallery wall with frames of the same size but with a random arrangement, then it’s best to hang even numbers. However, if you want to showcase your collections, then go for odd numbers.

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Measure and Create a Layout

Don’t hang your pictures just yet. Measure your wall space and create different layouts on the floor or a piece of paper until you find the perfect layout of your gallery wall. Remember to allow a bit of space between frames. Use a ruler for even spacing.

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You can also check out these layout options from Pottery Barn:



One of the most common interior design mistakes is hanging your art in an obvious space and hanging it too high. Make sure you choose a part of your home that will be perfect to have your gallery wall. Plus, it’s recommended to hang your artwork at eye-level or a bit lower. You can try a test location for your photos or art to see if you really want it to be there or in another room of your home.

With nails: Hang your photos, art, or collection on the wall. You will need a pencil and rubber, a ruler, and a wall filler in case of mistakes. Trace the shape of each frame on a piece of paper and cut it out. Tape the paper shapes on the wall, then measure and mark how much lower down you want your nail holes to be. Remove the paper and hang the actual piece.

Without nails: If you can’t use nails, there are still other stylish ways on how to create a gallery wall:

  • Use floating shelves to display your photos, art, or collection. This is perfect for people who can’t commit to the same photo or art. Experiment with the placement, photos to use, and heights of the frames. Creating an overlapping gallery wall creates a casual vibe, while spacing out frames creates an elegant style.
  • Use your floor and lean it on the wall for a minimalist and artistic style. Plus, it creates a layered unique look. It’s also much easier to change photos or arts displayed.

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That’s a wrap on how to create a stylish gallery wall. Easy and fun to do, right? Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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