9 Easy 5-Minute Christmas Decorating Ideas

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Here are our favorite 5-minute Christmas decorating ideas to deck the halls this season.

We all know how hectic the holiday season can be. Between buying presents, wrapping them, preparing the menu, and cooking the meals, you won’t even have the time to look in the mirror and fix yourself. So who has the time to decorate their whole house and turn it into Santa’s little village? We’re actually amazed at people who can balance their time with their job, with their family, with the household chores, AND with the holiday decorations. Mrs. Claus wants to know your secret, ladies!

However, Christmas isn’t all about decorating your homes and making it look like Santa and his reindeers just landed there. Although little touches of Christmas in each room can truly brighten up the space and get into the holiday spirit. So, today, we’ll be sharing easy 5-minute Christmas decorating ideas that will help you make this holiday feel special and, of course, stylish.

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Christmas Bar Cart

A bar cart is the easiest area to add seasonal touches, like a vase of Poinsettia, mini Christmas trees, or a small Mr. Snowman jar with treats inside. Leave out the glasses and essentials for making cocktails, and simply add Christmas décor that will beautify your bar cart.

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Deck the Doorways

Welcome guests with bulb-string lights, snowflakes, light-up stars, a mini Christmas tree, or a happy snowman family. These ideas will put a smile on your guests’ faces and will add a charming and fun touch to your entryway.

Decorate the Chandelier

Why not? One of our favorite 5-minute Christmas decorating ideas is hanging garlands on the chandelier. You can also create a mini wreath or gracefully decorate it with ribbons. It’s an easy idea to spice up your plain chandelier.

Decorate the Stairs and Windows

Wrap your stairs with garlands, ribbons, and string lights. You can also hang mini wreaths, stockings, or baskets of treats. Who says you can’t pull off a jolly staircase look?

DIY Wreath

Making your own wreath is one of the best activities this holiday season. The best part is showing it off to your guests when you welcome them. You can also hang small wreaths in your dining chairs and windows.

Hang Fresh Cinnamon Sticks

If you want to hang something unexpected on the tree, then we suggest a bunch of fragrant cinnamon sticks. Trust us, you’ll love this idea! It’s easy, and it’ll make your home smell fresh and homey.

Inexpensive Christmas Centerpiece

If you have clear vases or containers, fill them up with pinecones for a rustic feel. You can also spray-paint the pinecones with gold or silver to add some extra sparkle.

Makeshift Mantel

No fireplace? No problem! Turn your bookshelves into a mantel by decorating the space with holiday décor, like a mini Christmas tree, stockings, garlands, and string lights.

5-Minute Christmas Decorating Ideas

Reuse Holiday Cards

One of the easiest 5-minute Christmas decorating ideas is to reuse old holiday cards into place cards. Cut them into star shapes or tree shapes. Punch a hole, tie it with a ribbon, and label them accordingly.

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