6 Clever Tips on How to Style Your Sideboard

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Check out these clever tips and tricks on how to style your sideboard with pictures, plants, accessories, and lighting.

Your sideboard is more than just a storage space to stash away your dinnerware and other stuff. It’s also an interior decor of your bedroomdining room, or entryway. As a part of your home, it should be organized and well-styled since its large surface space makes it a display opportunity for your books, indoor plants, photos, art, accessories, lighting, collection, and a LOT more stuff.

So, how do you style your sideboard inside and outside? We’ve collected these clever tips to inspire you.


Choose a Theme

The theme of your sideboard should perfectly mix with your home’s interior style and its location. Are you going to style your sideboard with earthy tones like blues and greens for your entryway? Or maybe you want a lush and tropical sideboard theme in your dining room? Whatever your sideboard’s theme is, make sure that the use and decors of your sideboard match the room it’s in.


Create Symmetry

This beautiful wooden sideboard is a perfect example of the rule of 3. Even though there are quite a lot of decors and accessories on the table, it still looks balanced, organized, and stylish. Plus, the colors in the artworks combine well with the gold accents, plants, and wooden color of the sideboard.

The secret to style your sideboard like in the photo is to focus on creating 3 distinct focal points. It’s the magic number in designing decors and accessories in your home that create a balanced look. Consider the colors, height, and shape of your sideboard decors and accessories before styling them.


Make It Practical

Style your sideboard to be both chic and functional furniture in your home. Make your sideboard part of your home by using it daily.

For example, it could be a minibar station with your favorite alcohol drinks or wine. It’s also an opportunity to show off your vintage glasses and stylish decanter to your guests. Add some plants and colorful artwork to make the space look lively, gorgeous, and balanced.


Let an Artwork Shine

Style your sideboard with your favorite artworks, just like in the photo with this large-scale artwork placed on the sideboard table and surrounded by different types of indoor plants.

So, if you have artwork or a photo you would like to display in your home, then now’s the perfect time to take it out and to put it in your sideboard. Just remember to keep everything balanced and to keep things simple to let the artwork or photo shine.


Bring in Plants

A cheap and simple way to style your sideboard is to bring in different types of indoor plants. It could be Instagram-worthy plants like snake plants or desert gems. You can also display your monstera plant, string of pearls, or beautiful succulents.

Also, adding plants in your home doesn’t just enliven your space, but it also helps in purifying the air you breathe, and it helps your health like increasing your productivity and concentration. Plus, it improves your mental health as well.


Go Natural

Style your sideboard in a chic, yet functional way. Stack books on the sides to make a great display. You can stack books horizontally and vertically for that refined look. Plus, select books that are related to your interests.

You can also add trays as a styling prop for your sideboard. Group ‘life’ like decors like a small plant, a candle, and a chic accessory. Consider the height, sizes, and colors of the items when styling them.

That’s a wrap on how to style your sideboard in a chic, yet functional way. How do you style your sideboard? Share it in the comments below, so we can all get some new styling inspiration!

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