7 Beautiful Blue Decorating Ideas for Every Room of Your Home

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Feeling blue never felt so good with these chic and cool blue decorating ideas that will instantly make your home calm and welcoming.

Aside from being the color of the year, blue has been a popular choice of most interior designers whatever a home’s style is because it instills a calming and tranquil vibe within a space. From entryways to powder rooms, trust us, you really just can’t go wrong with blue, especially with these stylish blue decorating ideas that you can easily do in every room of your home.

Classic Blue Entryway

Of course, we’ll start our list of blue decorating ideas in your entryway. Aside from the fact that it should be an inviting and warm spaceyour entryway should also be stylish. Plus, it should look bright and clean, just like the image above. It may not be all blue, but it’s important to place blue accents mixed with white and other natural colors like brown and green. Keep in mind that a classic style entryway will never go out of style.

For example, you can paint your entryway walls with a light blue shade, place a blue area rug, and small blue decor or furniture to achieve the look.

  1. Handcarved Menagerie Woodpecker Dining Chair | 2. Blue & White Chinoiserie Collection | 3. Robin Console, Brushed Gold | 4. Mirabelle Rug | 5. Kate and Laurel Hogan Wood Framed Mirror with Scallop Corners | 6. Camilla Perkins Jungle Art Print

Bright & Cozy Blue Living Room

One of the reasons why blue is a popular choice among interior designers is you can’t be stressed out in a blue room. #TrueStory Just like this bright and cozy blue living room. So, if you want to create a comfy living room like you’re just a few steps away from the beach, choose blue decor and furniture but in slightly different shades and textures. Plus, add decor made from natural materials like wood. This will instantly give your living space a chill coastal vibe.

  1. Rug-Printed Split Armchair | 2. Palmer Woven Coffee Table | 3. Savannah Rug, Blue/Multi | 4. Wooster Console | 5. Decorative Glass Vase Blue | 6. Gemma Fringe Throw Pillow

Modern Blue Kitchen

Next on our list of blue decorating ideas is to create a cool blue kitchen. Of course, you don’t need to decorate your entire kitchen in blue. House Beautiful suggested that you can try just one spot if you don’t want the color to stand out. You can opt for blue cabinets, chairs, or just like in the image: a blue kitchen island. You can also paint your ceiling in blue for an interesting kitchen look.

  1. Tufted Maria Rug | 2. Gingham Melamine Accent Plates – Set of 4 | 3. Palm Shuffle Wallpaper, Cadet Blue/Cerulean | 4. Blue and yellow Lemon Summery Pattern Bar Stool | 5. Ceramic Margo Vase | 6. Indigo Organic Reactive Dinnerware

Blue-tiful Dining Space

Yes, I’m a sucker for puns, but this blue breakfast nook/dining space is indeed beautiful. Not to mention the incredible view outside. It’s a perfect place to sip your coffee or have a brunch date with your family and friends.

  1. Woven Bistro Dining Chair | 2. Sumter Sideboard | 3. Malibu Drum Pendant, Weathered Blue | 4. Ibiza Pillow Cover | 5. Glass Vintage Bottle | 6. Wyn Mini Woven Planter

Chic & Cozy Bedroom

Next on our list of blue decorating ideas is to create a cozy and relaxing bedroom space by using different patterns and shades of blue bedding and pillows, just like this airy and bright bedroom. Don’t forget to place a vase of bedroom plants for a good night’s sleep.

  1. Curved Rattan Bed | 2. Columbia Sisal Rug | 3. Del Mar Bench, Indigo | 4. Terrazzo Galaxy Blue Night Yellow Gold Orange Framed Art Print | 5. Natural Terracotta Decorative Vase | 6. Toile Sheet Set

Statement Blue Tiles

Another on our list of blue decorating ideas is to install vibrant blue tiles to make your bathroom look more visually appealing. You can create a blue accent wall like in the photo or bring the design to the floor. It’s also best to use blue towels to match the bathroom’s color theme. Don’t forget to install spacious and sturdy storage for your bathroom supplies.

  1. Kassatex Mali Towels, Set of 6 | 2. Blue & White Bath Collection | 3. 3 Tier Hanging Shelves | 4. The Happiest Flowers Shower Curtain | 5. Macramé Catch-All Basket | 6. Oval Floating Mirror With Brass Shelf

Blue & Gold Home Office

Lastly, on our list of blue decorating ideas is to paint your home office or workspace in blue since it helps calm your mind, and it increases your concentration. Also, it boosts your ability to think creatively. To help you be more productive at work, it’s best to create your own workspace. Don’t forget to personalize it with photos that motivate you, home office plants, and add drawers/trays to keep your desk organized.

  1. Odetta Desk | 2. Monroe Side Chair, Navy Spot | 3. Verano Wallpaper | 4. Cute Watercolor Knitting Pattern – Blue Acrylic Tray | 5. Yuka Candle | 6. Faux Leather And Gold Armstrong Upholstered Office Chair

That’s a wrap for our blue decorating ideas for every room of your home. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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