7 Fall 2020 Decor Trends That Will Make Your Home Feel Warm and Cozy

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Bring out your sweater knits because it’s finally time for the fall season! Spice up your space with these fall 2020 decor trends.

Fall is better than spring. I know a lot of you would react, but hear me out. Aside from the fact it doesn’t trigger my allergies, it’s the best time to revamp your home. Yes, spring is also about cleaning and sprucing, but fall season is a bit special because everywhere you go feels warm and cozy. Plus, there’s no season we look forward to redecorating our home as much as fall.

According to interior designers, you don’t have to completely renovate the whole space just to welcome the fall season. Adding warm, earthy colors or changing scents and textures of your home can set a different mood. So if you want a fresh take on the season, check out these fall 2020 decor trends.

Bold Graphics and Abstract Designs

It doesn’t look fall-sey, but Decorist designer Emerie Forehand predicts that the fall 2020 decor trends will be a *bit* different, and that starts off with graphic pops combined with earth tones. We can already imagine that it’s going to be pretty popular. You can incorporate this trend in your home through accent wall and wall arts.

Cozy Corners

The fall 2020 decor trends will be about creating cozy areas of your home. Kari Arendsen of Intimate Living Interiors says, “A focus on creating a comfortable lounge vibe is here to stay.” To create a cozy corner in your place, look for ultra-cozy furniture pieces, such as a faux fur pouf. Also, use natural materials like authentic hardwood. To check if it’s cozy enough, you can ask your pet to test the space.

Floral Walls

Yes, we’re serious. Yes, it sounds weird, but it’s part of the fall 2020 decor trends. Abstract, feminine, and vibrant wallpapers are the trend this fall season. It’s like spring all over again, but without the allergies.

Monochromatic Palette

Mary Patton of Mary Patton Design says that a new design trend is keeping colors together. “For example, if you have a blue sofa, invest in some blue pillows. Mixing soft muted creams and whites are also having a big moment.”

For the fall season, it’s all about warm earth tones. Think of rusty-rosy-caramel-persimmon palette. For example, Sherwin Williams’ 2019 color of the year, Cavern Clay. Then add a touch of brown, gold, olive, and tan.

Neoclassical Details

Neoclassical is a décor trend we’ll see this fall, with nods to iconic columns, Greek key patterns, and sculpted busts referencing Ancient Greek and Roman interiors,” says Kelley Carter, the Home Fashion Director of Bloomingdale’s, in an interview with MyDomaine.

Don’t worry because this style can be incorporated with different interior styles, particularly to Art Deco, which is slowly making a comeback this 2020.

Organic Materials

Dried grasses and flowers, these are some of the natural materials included in the fall 2020 decor trends. You can also opt for low maintenance houseplants to enliven the space. Another trend would be rattan accents.

According to Monica Bhargava, EVP of Design and Product Development at Pottery Barn, “This fall décor trend is characterized by details like raw edges, cracks, and untreated wood and ceramic surfaces. There’s an authenticity behind this trend as it presents pieces in their purest form.”


Texture & Layered Lighting

Of course, our fall 2020 decor trends wouldn’t be complete without mixing and matching textures. Kari Arendsen says that layering neutral textiles is such an easy switch up to make your space feel fresh, yet comfortable. Think of chunky, oversized knit pillows, layered area rugs, “sweater” elements, and textural pillow covers and throws. Don’t forget to add a touch of velvet.

Yes, we know that summer is still in full swing, but fall is just around the corner. So if you’re excited for the fall season like we are, you can start incorporating these fall 2020 decor trends at your home. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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