7 Happy Hour-Ready Home Bar Ideas

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Nothing could be more relaxing than drinking at home in your pajamas. From a simple bar cabinet to a full-fledged bar set-up, these chic home bar ideas will definitely inspire you.

‘Tis the season for entertaining! OK, we know that it’s only September, but we’re excited about the holidays and basically for 2020 to end. Who doesn’t? This year has been driving all of us crazy that we badly need a glass of wine to reward ourselves for surviving another day, every day.

Since having a coffee bar won’t be enough to get through the end of 2020, we’re here to help you survive with our home bar ideas that you can enjoy with your family, friends, or maybe just you and your pet. No, it’s not that fancy-schmancy, but it’s definitely chic on a budget. So whether you want to transform one room into your new favorite bar or simply add a bar cart, these home bar ideas will make staying in a lot more fun.

Chic Bar Cabinet

The perfect home bar idea for anyone who has small floor space, but still wants a killer set-up that goes beyond a simple cabinet of booze. You can opt for a glass bar cabinet to show off your best glassware or a natural cane bar cabinet for that tropical vibe.

For example, NICOLEHOLLIS from House Beautiful transformed a gold mirrored media storage cabinet into a chic bar cabinet. It doesn’t take too much space, and it perfectly blends well with the living room’s sophisticated interior style.

Classic Bar Cart

Next on our home bar ideas is to invest in a classic bar cart that won’t go out of style, or if you’re feeling a bit creative, you can DIY a bar cart with iron pipes and wood or transform a simple IKEA cart into a chic gold and marble bar cart.

Convert a Dining Area

Make dinner time more entertaining and pleasant by creating a bar zone into your dining space. For example, Catherine Kwong Design from House Beautiful designed this dining area with gold accents and warm brown tones to make the space feel formal and romantic.

Credenza Bar Set-Up

Adding to our list of home bar ideas is to keep it simple by transforming your credenza into a bar. You don’t have to buy a new credenza. Simply maximize the space of your credenza by adding a set of glasses and your favorite spirits on a tray.

Indoor Garden Bar

Add a touch of greenery to your home bar. Aside from the fact that houseplants are the trend these days, adding plants can breathe color and life into your home. Additionally, it has a lot of health benefits, such as it cleans the air you breathe and helps you de-stress from a long day of work.

Outdoor Bar Cart

If drinking inside your home is getting a bit boring, then take your bar cart to the backyard. It is still summer, after all! Don’t forget to apply plenty of SPF.

Tray-Top Bar

No bar? No problem. Lastly, on our list of home bar ideas is to put your glasses and pretty decanters on a serving tray. Then place the tray on a console table. It’s simple, and you can create a makeshift bar in any room of your home.

We hope that these chic home bar ideas will have you and your guests cheering sip, sip, hooray! Don’t forget to stock your home bar with chic cocktail glasses and pretty decanters to complete the look.

Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Cheers, y’all!

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