Say Goodbye to These 7 Renovation Trends and What to Try in 2021

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Interior pros reveal the renovation trends you need to ditch this 2020 and what to replace them with.

2021 is just a few weeks away, and most of us are looking for different ways to refresh our homes. It could be a simple makeover like changing the lighting of your home or changing the paint color of your wall. As we adjust to the new normal, Sarah A. Abdallah, founder and CEO of Functional Creative Design, said that aside from having a stylish home, durability and functionality matter most. Before you copy that Pinterest-perfect wide plank oak flooring, check out these dated renovation trends you need to leave this 2020 and what to replace them with.

Bye-Bye White Oak Floors

Well, not really a goodbye, but according to Raili Clasen of Raili Ca Design, there are so many cool choices in flooring that you must try in 2021. She shares that she’d love to see home decor enthusiasts branch out into natural Douglas fir, reclaimed pine, and her new favorite: bleached walnut.

Ciao Choppy Floor Plans

As we adjust to the new normal, interior experts share that home office and multifunctional space will be part of the 2021 renovation trends. Create an integrated space where you can work while your kids attend their online classes.

Cold Neutrals Are Out

Bold colors, such as blues and rich greens will be one of the color trends of 2021. Another option would be the desert neutrals. Sarah A. Abdallah of Functional Creative Design shared that people should embrace patterns that reflect the traveler in you.

Farewell Faux Woods and Stones

Yes, it’s finally time to leave tiles that look like wood and faux marble in 2020. In 2021, we’re choosing classic, timeless, and durable materials that will definitely stand the test of time, like this kitchen with brown marble swirls. It will be a bit expensive, but consider it as a form of investment.

So Long Stenciled Floors and Walls

Let us all leave stenciled floors and walls this 2020 and never look back. Apart from it takes so much time to complete, it also tends to be less durable. If you want a simple way to transform your home, try peel-and-stick wallpaper. You can do it in a single day! You can also try permanent wallpaper or ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Too Much of Any One Type of Lighting

Keren Richter of The White Arrow shares in an interview with Domino that one of the renovation trends we should all say goodbye to this year is placing dozens of random lights in our homes. She shares that she prefers strategically placed flush mounts and pendants (with dimmers!) that can operate as jewelry in a room. They delineate focal points and seating areas and provide much more nuanced lighting.

Window Trim That Matches the Wall

Raili Clasen shared that window trim that matches the wall will be out of style. Instead, try painting it with a contrasting color. It’s cheap and an easy way to add a hit of personality to a room.

As we say goodbye to 2020, let’s also leave these dated renovation trends and focus on investing in durable and functional pieces in 2021. Your home is your sanctuary, so it’s best to create a practical and timeless space where you can both work, play, and relax. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy decorating!

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