7 Tips on How to Choose the Right Paint Color

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Knowing how to choose the right paint color can either break or make your home’s interior. Bookmark this failproof guide on how to choose the right paint color. Trust us, it will save you from wasting your money and time.

Giving your place a fresh coat can instantly transform your home from drab to fab. Yes, painting even a single wall in your home can bring a major impact on your space. Knowing how to choose the right paint color can either break or make your home’s interior.

So, before you splash paint in your walls or ceiling, you need to learn the dos and don’ts, evaluate the space you’re going to paint, will the paint color bring out the character of your room? Will it look good in artificial and natural light?

I know it sounds a bit complex, but we’re going to make the task easier with our foolproof guide on how to choose the right paint color. So, we’re not going to waste your time anymore, and let’s get started!

Check Permanent Features

OK, before you even paint on your walls, check the area for permanent features like a brick fireplace, dark stained-wood floors, or exposed beams. This is the best place to start when you feel overwhelmed with how to choose the right paint color for your home. Ask yourself these questions: Will the paint palette go well with these features and vice-versa?

Also, observe and understand the natural light in the room you’re planning to paint on. Keep in mind that light has a major impact on how color is perceived. Will the paint color make the room dark under artificial light, or will it make the room shine? Lastly, check your decor and furniture. Will it blend perfectly with your choice of paint palette? All of these factors will help you move forward to the next tip.

Find Paint Color Inspiration

The second tip on how to choose the right paint color is to find inspiration for your room. You can search on Instagram, Pinterest, or interior design blogs. You can also search for paint company sites like Benjamin Moore’s website or Sherwin Williams’.

So, before you jump in choosing your paint color, look for inspiration first. Keep in mind the fabrics, furniture, and major accents of the room, then check if everything will go perfectly with each other.

For example, the lavender ceiling and red wall matches well with the flowers and throw pillows of the living room.

Use a Color Wheel

If you’re unsure if the paint palette you chose complements your decor and furniture, then it’s best to use a color wheel. Trust me, it will definitely give you an idea of the perfect color scheme for your home.

For example, the bubble gum pink wall might look outrageous for this farmhouse style bedroom, but it perfectly goes well with the bed, nightstand, and decor. The paint color balances the traditional interior and the youthful character of the bedroom owner.

If you’re unsure on what’s the best paint palette for your home, check out Clare’s personalized paint color quiz.

Test the Paint on All Four Walls

Before committing to your chosen paint color, test it first on your four walls. Designer Laura McGarity recommended this idea. Since your room receives a different amount of light, you will notice that the paint color also differs per wall. Sometimes, the paint color might look perfect on one wall, but it doesn’t look good on another wall.

Another advice is to check the color throughout the day. Yes, in the morning, afternoon, and evening light. You should also check it with the room’s lights on. Keep in mind that light plays a big role in bringing out the beauty of the paint color. With thorough research and paint selection, the right paint color will look beautiful and stunning throughout the day.

Look at the Bigger Picture

The next tip on how to choose the right paint color is to consider the bigger picture. Yes, your paint color might look good in your entryway, but will it complement your living room? This is important especially if you’re decorating a small space. If you want to make your home look spacious, the paint color should flow smoothly throughout the rooms.

For example, choose a neutral paint color for a small space like linen white or white dove. It makes the whole place look brighter and more spacious.

Think About the Mood and Purpose

Before you choose the paint color, think of the purpose of the room, what kind of mood do you want the room to have, and who uses the room.

For example, a nursery room can look classy with black and white. However, it’s best to paint the space with bright red or yellow since colors can affect the baby’s moods and sleep patterns.

Remember to match the paint color with the purpose and owner of the room.

Order a Ton of Samples

The last step on how to choose the right paint color for your home is to test, test, test. You can only find the right paint color if you test all of your chosen colors on your four walls. This tip will help you save money and time.

So, buy a sample pot of paint and test it on your walls. Don’t forget to observe the colors throughout the day and under different lights. Also, check if the color you’ve chosen complements other elements of the room.

That’s a wrap on how to choose the right paint color for your home. At the end of the day, remember that it is just paint. You still might make the wrong call, or you might suddenly change your mind. That’s okay, we’ve all been there. You can always change your choice of color to make it right.

Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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