70s Décor Trends to Style Your Home for a Chic Throwback Feel

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These 70s décor trends are back, baby! From rattan to wicker, here are 11 ways to officially bring back this style into your home.

Trends may come and go, but right now we’re obsessed with the eclectic, loud, and optimistic style of the 70s! 70s décor trends From bold colors to shag rugs, we have been seeing 70s décor trends slowly replacing the minimalist, and we are loving it! So if you’ve been looking for a sign to change your home’s interior this spring season, this is the sign.

You don’t have to do a complete makeover. Adding these 70s décor trends can be as simple as installing a hanging rattan egg chair or laying a vintage rug. Check out our ideas on how to bring these 70s décor trends into your home.


Animal Print

One of the 70s décor trends we have been seeing everywhere since 2019 is the animal print. It looks chic and completely cruelty-free. You can add it as an area rug or covers of throw pillows. This entryway from Boca Do Lobo used a large muted leopard print carpet to give the space an organic feel.

Bold Wallpaper

Blank, boring, and plain walls are a thing of the past. Wallpaper is a great way to add personality to your home. Give a floral wallpaper an edgy twist by combining it in a high-contrast color palette like this kitchen space by interior designer Lauren Lowe from Elle Decor.

Fringe and Shag

Fringe is one of the 70s décor trends we have been seeing in boho-chic homes. A fringe area rug can make the space look cozy and create visual interest.


Hanging Chairs

Every grownup’s dream is to have a hanging chair in their home. Adding a hanging rattan egg chair or hanging chair with a stand can be a great addition to your reading nook since it’s a comfy spot to read or unwind after a long day. Make sure to install it properly to avoid accidents.


Macramé is one of the 70s décor trends that will instantly transport you to 1970. It’s a great way to add a little color and decorate plain walls. Plus, you can even make a macramé gallery wall!

Palm Fronds

Adding fern or palm can give the space a chic hippie vibe. Additionally, indoor plants are one of the easiest ways to brighten up your home and fill up an empty corner.



Rattan is one of the most popular 70s décor trends we can’t get enough of! Adding rattan furniture can make the space feel chic and laid-back.


Retro Colors

According to Linesmag, a retro interior is a wild design that requires a bold approach of colors to create a cheerful retro atmosphere or jazzy mood. Combine it with animal prints and patterns and you have the perfect 70s home!



Terrazzo is basically made of chips of glass, marble, quartz, or other stone materials combined together with concrete, then polished for a smooth surface. From flooring, kitchen countertops to small décor accents like bath décor and planters. We are loving House on a Sugar Hill’s DIY terrazzo mural. It’s fast, fun, and an easy way to get rid of blank, boring walls.


Adding velvet can instantly make a space feel luxurious. It’s also one of the easiest ways to add 70s décor trends into your home. It can be as simple as covering your throw pillows with velvet cases or adding a chic, fun velvet couch.

Vintage Rug

A sure way to make a statement in your home is to lay a gorgeous vintage rug. Trust us, it’s well worth the cost! Doris Leslie Blau advised using a traditional Moroccan rug if you want to pull off the boho-chic style in your home.


So what are you waiting for? Get into the groove by adding these 70s décor trends into your space! Get your home squeaky clean faster and more efficiently this spring with no-fail spring cleaning tips according to the best design pros.

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