8 Eye-Catching Gallery Wall Layouts

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Stop staring at your blank wall! Add character and style to your home with these creative gallery wall layouts.

Creating a gallery wall can instantly add character and style to your home, no matter what your space is like. It’s a clever and cheap way to spark your creativity and fill a boring, bare wall. Plus, you can update it or change it anytime or according to your mood. Additionally, a gallery wall isn’t limited to framed photos or paintings. You can hang collections and even plants. So, if you haven’t tried this trend, then maybe it’s finally time.

Scroll down to check out our list of eye-catching gallery wall layouts that you can easily recreate in your living roombedroomhome office, or even bathroom!


The Trio

The trio style is one of the easiest and most common gallery wall layouts. It’s achieved by splitting three framed photos or wall arts into three. It could either be arranged horizontally, vertically or asymmetrical.

The Mismatched Style

The mismatched layout uses different frame styles in creating a gallery wall. It could be a glass frame combined with wooden frames or golden brass frames paired with a floating frame with black bolts or a combination of all frame styles.

Grid Layout

OK, the grid layout might be one of our favorite gallery wall layouts because it’s easy to do, and it looks clean. To achieve the grid gallery wall layout, you can either use small framed photos or wall art or large prints, with the same frame size and photo size.

Closed Gallery Set

From the name itself, the closed layout means all framed photos or wall art has no space with each other. A perfect example would be Sunset’s stair landing gallery wall from Apartment Therapy.

Collection Gallery Wall

Remember, everything can be art and be framed or be part of your gallery wall. It could be a collection of hats, mirrors, plants, or a collection of everything you bought and received while traveling.

The Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical layout is one of the most flexible gallery wall layouts. Plus, it challenges you to be creative in making the layout. You can mix and match frame styles, sizes, and photo themes. The trick to achieving a chic asymmetrical gallery wall is to hang a large frame in the center and work your other frames around it.

Lean It on a Ledge

For people who can’t commit, installing a floating shelf and leaning your wall arts or framed photos is the perfect gallery wall idea. It’s also perfect for renters, especially if you’re not allowed to make too many holes on the wall. Mix and match short and tall frames for a casual vibe. You can also mix in vases or pots of plants to make the space look more interesting.

The Suspended Look

The suspended layout is one of the gallery wall layouts that give a rustic, throwback vibe. You can either use craft wire, traditional hangers, or a string of lights to hang your photos or wall art.

Try out these easy and creative gallery wall layouts if you’re feeling any bare wall-anxiety, or painting your wall can be a little too much job for you. Take out those boxes of old photos, select the best images, and create your dream gallery wall! Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Happy framing!

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