8 Interior Design Styles You Should Try Right Now

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Getting pretty tired of your home’s style? Switch it up with these interior design styles, examples, and decor recommendations.

There are interior design styles that can be self-explanatory. For example, modern interior style is all about having clean, crisp angles, lines, and simple color schemes. However, there are also interior styles that require a bit more explanation because it’s a mix of different styles. (Yes, we’re referring at the both of you, Scandi-Bohemian and Scandifornian.)

As I have mentioned before in our interior design style guide, the best way to design your home is to learn how to identify each style because it can help you define your style, or to mix and match different interior design styles depending on your personal style. So, if you’re getting pretty tired with your bohemian home, and you want to upgrade it into something clean and modern without losing the bohemian touch, then read on because we have something for you. It sounds complicated, but we will explain it in detail.

Art Deco

We will start with the famous Art Deco, one of the most exciting and influential interior design styles of the 1920s and 1930s, and is currently making a slow return this 2020. Art Deco style has an elegant, functional, modern, and very glamorous look. For me, it’s the interior style of the wealthy. Think of Wonder of Women 1929 film by Clarence Brown or Cleopatra 1934 film by Cecil B. DeMille. The interior design styles of those movies are Art Deco, which was all about making a big statement. Bold geometric patterns with hard angles, gold and steel decor, and a variety of expensive materials that only the rich can afford during that time.

Today, Art Deco is now experiencing a resurgence. However, interior designers are giving it a modern twist, so it won’t look like it was decorated by The Great Gatsby.

Key Features of Art Deco:

Colors: Art Deco style uses bold colors with a lot of contrasts. For example, bright and deep colors like blue, green, red, and yellow combined with black, chrome, gold, and silver. However, you can also use softer colors like beige and cream mixed with lacquered furniture and polished wood.

Fabrics: Art Deco’s style is focused on either geometric designs or solid bold colors. Avoid using plaids or pretty florals because that’s more of an English Countryside Chic style than Art Deco. For example, The Great Gatsby’s beddings, rugs, and walls.

Floors: Art Deco’s floors are typically black and white tiles, lacquered floors, or are made of linoleum in abstract designs. Plus, the floors are overlaid with large rugs in geometric patterns. For example, the ballroom in The Great Gatsby.

Furniture: Art Deco’s furniture tends to be large in scale. Focus on furniture with strong, streamlined shapes and shiny furniture pieces made of chrome. You can also go wild with furniture made of exotic woods like zebrawood.

Lighting: During the 1920s and 1930s, where Art Deco was popular, lights were made of glass and chrome with designs enameled or etched. For example, the Tiffany lamp or white glass ceiling light.

Materials: Art Deco is centered on furniture made from expensive materials such as chrome, ebony, glass, inlaid wood, lacquer, marble, metals, mirrors, stainless steel, and even exotic skins.

  1. Marta Barragan Camarasa Pattern Mosaic Art Deco Geometric Round Floor Pillow | 2. A BY AMARA Off Center Coffee Table | 3. Handcarved Samuel Buffet | 4. Natural Cowhide Rug – Stenciled Black and White Zebra | 5. Amati Burl Wood Entryway Cabinet | 6. 1950s Italian Cart | 7. Clarissa Crystal Round Chandelier | 8. Scotia 3 Piece Apothecary Jar Set | 9. Geo Shapes Mirror

Desert Modern

Introducing one of 2020’s hottest interior styles: Desert Modern. No, you don’t have to endure 100-degree heat to achieve this style. Inspired by the earthy warmth of the desert, this interior is all about having a chic, laid-back, and natural style. You might think of it as bohemian interior style, but it has a more calm and minimal approach. However, you can blend the two interior design styles together to fit your taste. So, if you’re planning to jump on the desert vibe bandwagon, then here are the key features you need to know.

Key Features of Desert Modern:

Colors: Desert Modern style is all about an earthy color palette. For example, blue, brown, green, orange, purple, red, tan, and yellow. It’s best to mix and match these colors with warm white walls to achieve that bright, contemporary, friendly, inviting, and warm space.

Fabrics & Floors: Desert Modern style is known for its blending of different textures and layering of rugs. Pretty similar to bohemian interior style, right? For example, create depth and visual interest in a space by using fabric wall hangings, faux cowhides, or natural textures.

Furniture: If you want to achieve the Desert Modern style, choose rugged wooden furniture mixed with modern, sleek leather pieces. It’s also best if you have DIY’ed decor pieces, unique vintage objects, or something that’s one of a kind. For example, a mid-century modern leather chair beside a wooden side table decorated with ceramic vases that you made. Also, hang abstract and nature-inspired artwork and add drought-resistant plants like cactus to complete the look.

Lighting: Since there’s no specific lighting style for Desert Modern, you can pick the lighting of your personal choice.

Materials: Opt for decor and furniture made of clay, leather, stone, and wood.

  1. Marta Barragan Camarasa Brushstrokes II Peel and Stick Wallpaper Panel | 2. Kalle Sculptural Oak Dining Bench | 3. Tassel Trim Twill Pillow Cover – Twill Khaki | 4. Ghost Axis Table Lamp, Alabaster | 5. Dip-Dyed Oval Stool – White | 6. Isobel Bookshelf | 7. Rodeo Bohemian Aztec Tribal Ivory Rug | 8. Foxed Trio Mirror | 9. Woven Rattan Bar Cart

English Countryside Chic

You may be aware of this interior style just by looking at the image. From fabric-shaded table lamps, traditional rug, to upholstered sofa mounded with pillows. Yes, this is the English Countryside Chic, the original “shabby chic,” but more elevated and refined. A perfectly tasteful, but slightly dated. Today, interior designers infuse new life in the style like bold colorways and an eclectic array of prints. For example, antique pieces decorated with ditsy florals.

The English Countryside Chic emphasizes on creating a cozy, functional, and warm space that’s perfect for families. This style blends the beauty of nature indoors, and it’s centered on using traditionally-styled furniture.

Key Features of English Countryside Chic:

Colors: English Countryside Chic styled homes are full of color inspired by nature. The colors can be muted or vibrant, which depends on your personal taste. Colors play an important role in this interior style because it should make the room appear cozy, inviting, and lived-in.

Fabrics: One word: florals. Yes, everywhere you look, there will be floral patterns. From table skirts to upholstered sofas, this is the signature look of the English Countryside Chic interior. Of course, there are also chintz, damasks, lace window treatments, ruffled pillows, and upholstered pads.

Floors & Furniture: Since English Countryside Chic is inspired by nature and rooted in traditional interior style, you can expect that from the floors to the ceilings and furniture will be made of wood, which aligns with the focus on nature. Also, furniture styles are traditional. You will notice the display of family heirlooms and treasured items in built-in bookshelves, china cabinets, and display racks. A bit similar to the English Cottage style, right? Lastly, it’s important to decorate this style with vases filled with dried flowers or fresh flowers of your choice.

Lighting: To achieve this interior style, opt for candles, lamps, and traditional chandeliers.

Materials: English Countryside Chic focuses on creating a cozy and warm space, so the predominant furniture material of this style is wood.

  1. Handcarved Land & Sky Buffet | 2. Vintage Seagrass Art | 3. English Chest on Stand, C. 1900 | 4. Kentfield Pendant | 5. Rustic Distressed Wood Hanging Wall Vanity Mirror Brown | 6. Wildflower Throw Pillow | 7. Strattford 13″ Bankers Lamp | 8. Junior Vintage V-Fan | 9. Antiqued Upholstered Jayceson Barstools Set Of 2


One of the interior design styles that most people are gravitating towards because of its earthy and relaxed vibe. The Naturalist interior emphasizes on contrast and imperfection in each element. For example, upcycling vintage furniture into something new. Usually, people who prefer this style love to be surrounded by things that remind them of nature like plants and wooden furniture. Also, this interior style focuses on creating a calm, organic, sophisticated, and warm space.

Key Features of Naturalist:

Colors: Similar to Desert Modern, Naturalist’s space is all about earth tones. For example, shades of brown, green, taupe, and warm white.

Fabrics: Invest in natural fiber rugs or wool rugs since these materials can make a space cozy and warm. One of the purposes of this interior style is to make conscious decisions to choose items that won’t harm the environment.

Floors, Furniture, & Materials: Naturalist’s floors and furniture are made of natural materials like bamboo, rattan, and wood. Also, since this interior focuses on bringing the outdoors in, surround your home with different plants that’s suitable for your home.

Lighting: Since there’s no specific lighting style for Naturalist, you can choose the lighting of your personal choice as long as it’s not made of plastics or synthetics.

  1. Travis 16″ Lounge Chair and Ottoman | 2. Live-Edge Drum Side Table | 3. Mayer Hand Woven Rug | 4. Michelangelo Chaise, Brown | 5. Teak Ladder | 6. Pomona Cube Coffee Table Reclaimed Wood Rustic Natural | 7. Renata Over-The-Bed Storage Shelf | 8. Almanzar Desk | 9. Wood 4 Tier Gavin Rolling Cart

New Mediterranean

New Mediterranean is one of the interior design styles that’s similar to coastal but with an exotic twist. Inspired by the simple and romantic aesthetics of Southern European countries, this interior focuses on creating a bold, simple, and warm space. A perfect example would be a statement from the Pufik Homes: This interior style is a mixture of the sunny romance of Spain, the abundance of warm colors of Italy, the marine freshness of Greece, and the spices of Morocco.

Key Features of New Mediterranean:

Colors: Similar to Desert Modern, New Mediterranean is all about earthy tones and whitewashed walls combined with colorful fabrics. It’s recommended to for inspiration in the blue shades of the sea, the coolness of the cloudy sky, and warm sands of the coast. You can also opt for vibrant shades like olive, pink, red, shades of yellow, and terracotta.

Fabrics: New Mediterranean style uses a light simple pattern fabric.

Floors: Ceramic tiles floors layered with a soft mat. Other options would be laminate wood or rough bleached wooden planks.

Furniture & Materials: New Mediterranean furniture should be exclusive of natural and reliable materials like ceramics, glass, rattan furniture, wood, wrought iron, and stone. If you really want to achieve the New Mediterranean style, complete the look by adding mosaic elements.

Lighting: Since there’s no specific lighting style for New Mediterranean, you can choose the lighting of your personal choice as long as it will blend well with the interior style.

  1. Bradbury Side Chair | 2. Anya Travertine Coffee Table | 3. Hartwell Upholstered Bench | 4. Harbor Floor Mirror, Natural Sea Grass | 5. Ibiza Pillow Cover | 6. September Sea Art Print | 7. Profile Ceramic Indoor/Outdoor Side Table | 8. Carolos Leather Pouf | 9. Sculptural Glass Globe Pendant – Metallic Ombre

New Traditional

If you’re torn between modern and traditional style, then New Traditional is the perfect interior for you. It’s one of the interior design styles that blend the old and the new, creating a look that is both timeless and timely. New Traditional is about combining clean lines with beautiful antiques, ornate moldings, and vintage artwork. It relies heavily on layering and the right contrast of classic furniture and contemporary accents. I think this may be my new favorite interior style.

Colors: Similar to the modern interior style, New Traditional focuses on white walls and uses bold colors with a lot of contrasts. For example, bright and deep colors like blue, green, red, and yellow mixed with beige, black, gray, and lots of white.

Fabrics: Animal hides, geometric prints, or rugs woven from natural materials such as jute, seagrass, or sisal. Also, florals, ikat pillows, printed linens, and velvet upholstery. New Traditional is all about mixing and layering patterns and textures to create an inviting and warm space.

Floors: Most New Traditional style uses wood for floors layered with stylish rugs.

Furniture & Materials: Two words: clean lines. This interior style relies on large furniture pieces made of ceramics, glass, leather, marble, rattan, and wood. For example, look for sofas with clean lines combined with a leather ottoman and classic wood side table.

Lighting: New Traditional uses modern styled lighting to make the room look chic and fresh.

  1. Bouck 21” Wingback Chair | 2. Elemental Side Table | 3. Olivia Mirrored Side Table | 4. Mayotte Large Offset Floor Lamp, Brass/Black | 5. Braided Wool Rug | 6. Abstract Line Art 6/2 Framed Art Print | 7. Root Of The Earth Bowls, Set Of 3 | 8. Urban Renewal Reversible Linen Throw Pillow | 9. Brass And Clear Glass Test Tube Vases


Yes, you got that right! Scandifornian is the mix of two interior design styles: “Scandinavian” and “Californian.” So, if you think that Scandinavian style is finally over, better think again because it just evolved. Perfect with a bit of bohemian, coastal, industrial, and mid-century modern. You might think that it’s somehow similar to minimal bohemian or modern bohemian because this interior style focuses on creating a calming and light space, as well.

Key Features of Scandifornian:

Colors: Scandifornian has a restrained color palette. You will see a lot of black, white, and neutrals combined with a rich, warm, and often muted palette.

Fabrics & Materials: Of course, tribal/textured pillows will always be a part of this interior style. Scandifornian materials are usually made of jute, linen, rattan, and sisal to create a warm space.

Floors & Furniture: Scandifornian spaces use blonde wood — from the floors to the furniture. Also, it’s important to choose furniture pieces with clean lines and mid-century modern style. Lastly, don’t forget to add landscape photos and plants to complete the look.

Lighting: Since there’s no specific lighting style for Scandifornian, you can choose the lighting of your personal choice as long as it will blend well with the interior style.

  1. Canyon Vista 15.75″ Lounge Chair and Ottoman | 2. Oak Blackbird Bookshelf | 3. Gismo Round Coffee Table, Natural | 4. Palomino Alpaca Throw | 5. Let The Sunshine In Framed Art Print | 6. Marte Ottoman | 7. Antoine Scandinavian Geometric Shag Gray/Black/Beige Area Rug | 8. BTW Ceramics Mofeta Planter | 9. Bone And Wood Chevron Sydney Paper Tray


Lastly, on our interior design styles is the Southwestern. Inspired by the American southwestern states, this style is known for earth tone colors and natural elements. It’s one of the interior design styles similar to Bohemian and Desert Modern, but more elevated and refined. This style is full of personality because it’s a mixed culture from American and Spanish traditions. Moreover, the beautiful combination of Southwest-inspired patterns and textiles with mid century modern decor and raw wood creates an inviting and warm space.

Key Features of Southwestern:

Colors: Similar to Desert Modern, Southwestern style uses warm colors to resemble the colors of Mother Earth. For example, blue-green and turquoise reflect the sky. We also see the same colors on how native Americans accessorize themselves.

Fabrics & Materials: You will notice that the Southwestern-style decorates with blanket, carpet, or rug with native American Indian patterns. Also, it focuses on metal details and furniture made of different types of wood. For example, a wrought iron stand and kitchen countertop made of maple wood.

Floors: Brick, lozenge, or square. Some Southwestern interior uses a bright-colored timber floor with a navy blue or cobalt blue tint or dark brown terracotta tiles for their flooring.

Furniture: Southwestern style uses a combination of eclectic and rustic vintage furniture to create a vibrant space. Also, it’s best to use unique decorative accents that can be bought from flea markets. You can also hang wall painting or installing mosaic tiles to achieve the Southwestern look. Lastly, don’t forget to add potteries made out of terracotta.

Lighting: Since there’s no specific lighting style for Southwestern, you can choose the lighting of your personal choice as long as it will blend well with the interior style.

  1. Emmett Lounge Chair | 2. Zeus Dining Table | 3. Cabretta Dining Chair | 4. Lagoon 60″ Sofa Table, Tawny | 5. Cooper Leather Stool | 6. Stoneware Striped Vase Blue/White | 7. Tegan Shag Throw Pillow | 8. Aida 17.5” Table Lamp | 9. Rattan Weave Pendant

That’s a wrap for our interior design styles you should try this 2020. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s blog. Happy decorating!

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