8 Modern Desert Decor Ideas for That Vacation Vibes

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Going crazy with the desire to travel? Design an earthy and warm home with our dreamy modern desert decor ideas. Just add a vacation martini to complete the look.

Who else is going insane with the desire to travel? We’re all lucky enough to have good health and a job, but staying at home for months in this heat can really drive you crazy. It’s better to be at a desert than to be stuck at home in this weather, but since it’s not completely safe to be out right now, we’re bringing the modern desert style into your home for that vacay vibes.

Add a Touch of Leather

First, on our modern desert decor ideas list is to give your space that desert look by adding cognac-hued leather, such as leather cabinet pulls, modern style side chair, or a tufted leather sofa. If you’re not a fan of earthy or neutral colors, opt for soft pastel hues.

Adopt One-of-a-Kind Items

This is one of the reasons why the modern desert is a unique interior style. To achieve that desert-inspired, use OOAK (one-of-a-kind) items, such as DIY’ed decor from nature or vintage objects or furniture handmade by an artist.

Bring in Wood Furniture

You can never complete that warm modern desert look without wood. We have mentioned that adding wood decor can make your home look full of texture and warmth. You can consider adding a wood coffee table or sideboard, wood dining set, or a wood accent wall.

Embrace the Abstract

Next on our modern desert decor ideas list is to hang abstract and nature-inspired artwork that describes the desert landscape. For example, cactus prints, Joshua Tree photography, or palm-tree motifs. Additionally, decorate abstract shaped home accents like arches and half-circles.

Mix and Match Textiles

Textiles are a huge element of modern desert style. Layer Chinese embroidery, indigo textiles, and pillows to create depth and visual interest. Plus, it makes the space look cozy. You can also choose to hang fabric wall hangings to jazz up your space. For example, a woven vintage tapestry.


Specifically, drought-resistant plants for that modern desert vibe, such as air plantspalm trees, and succulents. You can also add Instagram-worthy houseplants like the Fiddle Leaf Fig and Snake Plant.

Think Neutral

Adding to our modern desert decor ideas list is to paint your home with an earthy color palette to nail the look. For example, a warm white shade similar to White Sands National Park. This will instantly give your home a clean, modern look.

Use a Southwestern Rug

Lastly, on our modern desert decor ideas list is to lay down a tribal kilim rug or a Southwestern rug. This adds a graphic punch and a layer of color to the room’s floor. Remember that the color of the rug should match well with the color palette of the room or with the decorative accessories.

You might be thinking that our modern desert decor ideas are quite similar to boho and eclectic, well, because it is. The modern desert look was inspired by these two interior styles, but the modern desert has a calm and minimal style. It’s perfect for those who want to update their boho chic home into something modern and sophisticated. Don’t worry because you still can fully express your inner gypsy.

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