8 Stylish French Country Decor Ideas

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Enjoy a taste of Provence at your home with these ooh la la French Country decor ideas.

French Country style is the new country look that’s slowly replacing Modern Farmhouse, a trend that had quite a long run because of Joanna Gaines. French Country style is undeniably charming because of its casual elegance, emphasis on florals, natural or rustic-looking accents, extravagant lighting, muted colors, toile fabrics, and touches of gold. The result? The ultimate combination of beauty and comfort look of English manor design.

The biggest challenge in this interior style is that it can be difficult to pin down since it has a lot of similarities to Cottagecore, Shabby Chic, and other country interior styles. The trick to pin down the French Country style is knowing how to use the elements, such as earth tones and natural or rustic-looking accents. Plus, decorating your home with all things eclectic, imperfect, and personal. For example, antique furniture, ceramic vases, mismatched dining chairs, or anything unique.

What is French Country Style?

When you think of the French countryside, it automatically takes you to Provence, a colorful countryside famous for its lavender fields and sunny weather. French Country style is known for its comfortable and sophisticated look. Think: bright & inviting bathroom, functional dining space, and soft sun-bleached textiles combined with artisan ceramics and antiques, classic country textures, and rough-hewn wood. A casual, old-world, rustic, and welcoming vibe that perfectly fits both country houses and elegant, old chateaux.

We have compiled some of our favorite French Country decor ideas that will fit beautifully into your home. C’est bon!

Bring in Plants

One of the easiest French Country decor ideas is to decorate your home with a bundle of dried herbs in your kitchen, vases of florals in your bedroom and living room, or vintage botanical wallpaper for your entryway and dining space. You can frame dried flowers or vintage illustrations of nature and create a gallery wall. Plus, this decor idea is budget-friendly, and they are all pretty to look at!

Choose a Farm-Inspired Palette

One of the characteristics of French Country style is to blend calming neutrals, such as country creams, crisp white, sun-bleached whites, and warm wood tones through accessories and antiques with vibrant farm-inspired colors, such as bright reds, cornflower yellows, muted, herby greens, and saturated berries.

Design a Functional Space

French Country style prioritizes in creating a functional space, especially at the heart of the home. Yes, the kitchen is specifically designed with an extra-wide sink, lots of prep space, task lightings, and unvarnished wood textures. All that’s missing is table wine!

Make It Personal

One of the parts of our French Country decor ideas list is accessories. For example, decorative chandeliers, gingham or stripes, iron décor items, large wall clocks, mix and match of furniture, shapely mirrors, textiles such as blankets or throw pillows, toile or traditional floral pattern in your upholstery, and unique dinnerware finds.

Opt for Ticking Stripes

Stripe patterns are a must in French Country styles, such as cafe stripes, market stripes, and tickling stripes. They are easy to mix-and-match with other decor styles, as well. You can also opt for basic plaids and checks. Choose neutral-colored textiles, like black, creams, taupes, and whites.

Perfectly Imperfect

Imperfection is another unique characteristic of the French Country style. It gives the space an authentic and personal vibe. For example, thrifted or flea-market items and time-worn paint jobs.

Texture, Texture, Texture

Since French Country style’s palette is more restrained, we recommend that you decorate the space with textures to add variety and visual interest, such as imperfect wood, mismatched antique store finds, and washes of paint in furniture. The result is a perfect mix of a classic and eclectic home that’s both functional and highly #Instagrammable.

Design a Comfortable Home

One of our favorite French Country decor ideas is it’s never overly fussy or pretentious. It looks formal yet also comfortable and warm. Plus, it’s full of personality because of the antique and unique home decor used in the space. When decorating your home with the French Country style, always prioritize comfort to achieve the look.

Put your creativity to work with our French Country decor ideas to create a delightful space. Learn more interior design tips and ideas on Omysa’s Design blog. Bonne décoration!

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