6 Easy All-Natural DIY Air Fresheners

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Keep your home smelling fresh all year with these easy all-natural DIY air fresheners!

We all want a well-decorated and clean home. However, aside from having a picture-perfect Pinterest-worthy space, it’s also important to keep it smelling fresh and clean. Eliminate unpleasant odors like fish, mildew from laundry, and smell from trash and pets with these simple and budget-friendly all-natural DIY air fresheners. You can whip out one of these ideas in just a few minutes!

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Did you know that coffee can make your home smell like Starbucks or your favorite coffee shop? Coffee can absorb odors, such as garlic, onions, and trash. Place a bowl of coffee grounds around your home, like the kitchen counter and home office to keep the area free of unpleasant odors. Plus, it will surely enliven your senses! Sprinkle some coffee grounds in the bottom of a new trash bag as well.

Dried Herbal Potpourri

Dried flowers look and smell good, no matter where you place them. So it’s no surprise that dried herbal potpourri can create a pleasing fresh and sweet smell in your home. Mix it with your favorite essential oils and place it on your nightstand, bathroom counter, and living and kitchen space to make your home smell like spring all year!

Fresh Herbal Bouquets

One of the easiest all-natural DIY air fresheners is to add vases of fresh herbal bouquets in every room of your home. Aside from they can make your home smell fresh, they are also visually pleasing.

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Of course, houseplants are one of the all-natural DIY air fresheners that can definitely purify indoor air and reduce allergens and pollutants. Plus, houseplants can also improve your health and energy consumptions in your space.

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Pomander Balls

Want to try something new and unique? Create pomander balls! It’s actually an age-old technique to keep your home smelling fresh. Hang cured, dried oranges studded with cloves in each room of your home to eliminate the unpleasant smell.

Simmering Potpourri

Instantly freshen the whole house with a simmering potpourri! Combine slices of oranges, herbs, and spices, and let it boil until the citrus scent flows around your home.

Aren’t these all-natural DIY air fresheners easy to do? Plus, most of the ingredients and materials needed can all be found in your home.

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