Life of an Interior Designer: Angie Wendricks Shares the Moment Interior Design Was the Right Path for Her and Building a Career Through Photography

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Angie Wendricks is a master photographer and stylist known for her love of countryside life and simple farmhouse style, which has been featured on several design & photography websites and Instagram pages. As part of our series, Life of an Interior Designer, we spoke with Wendricks about the exact moment she knew to pursue a career in interior design, building a career through photography, and staying true to her signature design style.

Everyone’s path in the world of interior is different. Some know that they want to become an interior designer from an early age, while others pursue an entirely different career before discovering their passion for interior design. This was the design journey of photographer and stylist Angie Wendricks. Her journey to becoming an interior photographer and stylist has not been an easy one, but it taught her a lot about her true self and to have the confidence to pursue her real passion. How did it all start?

Join us on today’s chat with Angie Wendricks, as we learn about interior photography & styling and how she built a career behind the lens.

On Her Oprah AHA Moment

I would say the moment I realized my passion was when we did some remodeling in our old house. It was a brick ranch-style house that was dated, and I turned it into a more modern farmhouse-style home.

On Lessons That She Learned

The lessons I learned from interior styling and photography are practice, especially with photos. Change the vignettes, practice on angles, and always take extra shots. I rely 100% on natural light for my photos, which I think learning about light any time of day is crucial when shooting interiors.

I think learning about light any time of day is crucial when shooting interiors.

On Her Favorite and Unforgettable Design Work

My favorite unforgettable design work would have to be our house. I designed and drew it all on a piece of paper and our builder went off that to bring it to life.

On Looking Out for Trends & Staying True to Her Style

Honestly, I’m not much into trends, and as they come and go, I notice my style rarely changes. I like what I like and am always drawn to natural and earthy tones and textures. I think if you follow trends, you will never be satisfied with what you have. Will there be pieces and ideas I like? Sure! But my style will remain the same.

I think if you follow trends, you will never be satisfied with what you have.

What we see on Instagram is entirely different from the design or styling process. Social media makes designing and shooting a space look so much easier to achieve than it truly is. Filters and Photoshop can indeed make spaces look much more finished and prettier than they really are in real life. However, Wendricks makes sure to execute everything to a super high standard since it makes all the difference.

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